Koasters by Kaleen

Koasters was established in order to carve the idea of recycling and sustainability through
waste management. Where the entire premise is to create new range of products from the
left over of our raw material and finished goods. We wanted to introduce this vertical to give
back to the community and environment considering it as a responsibility.

Our core business is to manufacture rugs and carpets in the compliance facilities in India in
Panipat and Mirzapur since last 25 years. We are majorly into exports of these product to
U.S and other parts of the globe. We are able to successfully do it because of our
craftsmanship and impeccable quality standards.
Our idea of growth has always been multi-dimensional, hence we wanted to get into the
sustainability and recycling model via waste management. So we thought of starting from
home and Koasters was born.

We decided to dedicate some internal design resources to restructure the products through
the waste or left over of our products. Within few days the concept turned into a new product
range such as coasters and telephone mats. These mats are completely made out of the
leftovers of our carpets and rugs, at the same time these are organic as majorly they come
from one of our organic range of parent product called Purelife. Starting with the raw material
which is completely organic and all the left over is used to make durries and other flatweave

Considering and contributing towards the entire community is the main purpose of this entire
exercise. The moto of this new product range is to maintain a balance between the humans
and nature. Also, a major reason for us to go green on our packaging as well and repeating
the same in this segment. Our entire packaging is done with bio degradable plastic,
washable and reusable handbags.

Our Koaster products range is specifically designed and made for gifting purposes. It can
accommodate multiple verticals of gifting such as Corporate Gifting, Household Gifting,
Occasional Gifting etc. It’s dynamic price range makes it a very affordable, yet high quality
gifting option for people of all spheres of life.

GIFTEX 2022:
Our purpose of participating in this fair is to spread the awareness of sustainability and
purpose of giving back to the nature and community. Encourage us by your visit to our stall
no. B-113 between 3 rd to 6 th August 2022 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.