India’s GRAND WEDDING INDUSTRY: Celebrations, Giftings, Fun and More

In India, wedding is the biggest occasion. Indians not only celebrate festivals in a grand way but also ensure to celebrate the weddings in a larger-than-life way. Not only in India but around the world wedding is considered as a one special occasion that needs to be celebrated in a special way.

The India wedding industry is growing with each passing year, every year the spends on marriages increases by 25-30%. As per business standards over 10 million weddings take place every year in India and estimated worth is $80 billion per year.

Indian Weddings

In last 10 years, the total expenditure of the most expensive wedding in India is 3392 cr; India’s most expensive wedding had spent Rs .700 cr whereas the others have spent between Rs.150 cr – 550 cr.

An average India wedding could cost somewhere between Rs. 20 lakhs to 5 cr and a middle-class family spends around Rs. 2 to 7 lakhs for the wedding. As per the research “A person in India is estimated to spend one-fifth of the total wealth accumulated in his lifetime on his wedding”.

Wedding Gifts

Indian Weddings are about a lot of things; decorations, food, photography, music, invitations and a lot more; but there’s one thing that remains to be a part of every single wedding be it a small one or large one and that is ‘shagun’. In the weddings the housemates’ gifts something or the other to the guests in the form of ‘shagun’; it goes to the groom’s family, bride’s family, close relatives and at times also a return gift to all the guests. Also, the guests bring gifts for the couple as a token of congratulation/best wishes; the gifting opportunity in the wedding season is big and everyone aims at buying something different or special for the guests and relatives; and also, for the couple.


There are variety of gifting options for the wedding; there are food hampers, gift baskets, chocolates, gadgets, electronic items, antiques and a lot more. In the 70s – 80s the gifting included clothes, silver coins, gold and God idols; with time the giftings in wedding has changed. It’s always difficult to choose the perfect gifting and often people end up wandering up at places to find the perfect one.


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