Gifting: The spark of personalization in Gifting

Corporate gifts strengthen your brand awareness in several kinds of ways, either in finding potential clients or boosting client retention. Here are a few reasons why personalized gifting is the best option.


Increase your Product Visibility

Compared to business cards, corporate personalized gifts won’t get lost in the shuffle. A cool corporate gift, such as a pen with your company logo that comes in handy on the office desk, or an auto-mixing coffee cup with your brand image outside the cup, all stand as an unobtrusive yet daily reminder about the time customers interact with your company product and service.


Bring Prospective Customers and Partners

Brand recognition helps win businesses, and personalized gifts offered freely to people who visit events and conferences where your company is present will make everyone feel warm towards your business, especially if this is their first connection. In organizing these advertising gifts, businesses have the flexibility to hand out the gifts to anyone who may seem to be potential clients.

Support your Corporate Culture

Products that corporations pick for events, conferences, or festive season can become the backbone that supports your business culture. For example, sportswear companies might as well be keen to promote the habits of regular exercising, so opting for sports water bottles or comfy gym towels seems to be the right choice.


Acquire New Leads

People love receiving things for no charge. However, if your giveaway is good enough, they might be willing to leave their contacts as a trade for the products. Attendees will be willing to exchange details with your company if they’re interested in your business, and pondering the possibility of getting something out of it. Therefore, corporates can offer personalized gifts in return for business cards, or completion of a short questionnaire to retrieve feedback and advice, or a simple signup form.

Strengthen Existing Client Relationships

Corporate advertising gifts aren’t just for finding new clients to use your services. Carefully curated personalized gifts can be used to boost customer loyalty as well.

Sending existing clients a thank-you gift for their continuous trial sign-ups makes them feel valued. Sometimes, all it takes is an extra gift or a thank-you note accompanied with their next order to make clients stay loyal to you. This gifting strategy boosts customer loyalty and encourages them to continue using your product or service instead of turning to your competitors.


Reach Out to More People Using the Same Product

People using your personalized products also means that there is a high possibility that other people around them will be likely to see your branding and might start conversations to discuss their user experiences.

Frequently used and seen products inherently imprint the image of your company logos in peoples’ minds. Therefore, offering useful corporate personalized gifts helps you spread your logo and contact details to those around.

With one advertising freebie, you earn more highlights and traffic to your company. Isn’t it very cost-effective?

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