Gifting: An Emotion, A Business and A Rapidly Growing Industry

Gifting – It’s an emotion, a feeling, a representation of creativity, ideology and a lot more. Gifts majorly creates a happy atmosphere for both the giver and received.

In olden times, gifts were more about vessels, clothes, food items or jewellery but with time Gifting has evolved and today Gifting stands as one of the strongest and rapidly growing industry.

According to a report by the market research firm TechSci Research, the gifting market in India is expected to expand from $119 million in 2019 to $159 million in 2025.

The Indian gifting market’s approximate worth is INR 2,50,000 crores; and out of this INR 12,000 crores is owned by the corporate gifting segment and this segment continues to grow at the rate of 200% per annum.

While growing the Gifting industry saw a lot of changes like from the old school gifting to creative giftings to personalised gifting and a lot more. India’s current online gifting market is of approximately $65 Million and it is expected to grow upto $84 billion by 2024 as per the research by Qwikcliver.

Gifting is here to say; in current scenario there are so many types in gifting like personalised, customised, branding, merchandising; from gifting at special occasion and that to the simplest thing we have reached a time where people are naming stars on their special one’s name as a gift. There’s so much of variety in gifting like antiques, handicrafts, food hampers, gift cards, gift baskets, furniture, cars, stationery and a lot more.

The sector that has immensely grown in gifting is the corporate sector, earlier during festivals companies used to give the employees sweet and cash; now there are gift cards, personalised stationery, electronics, gadgets, hampers, food baskets; and the corporate sector just keeps looking for more to stand out from others and make their employees, clients, and board members feel special. Now it’s not only about gifting on Diwali but also on joining, reaching a milestone, anniversaries and a lot of companies even organise annual award functions and make sure that the employees feel better.

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