Giftex 2022: SEVA India – finding unexpected connections among different definition of services

Seva is founded by a young Entrepreneur ‘Arushi Agrawal’ who started the brand with the objective of helping people in need. This brand is her way of providing to the society and part of the profit made by the brand goes towards her partner charity. The brand also shows their customers how exactly their purchases have helped. She believes in creating opportunities for magic in celebrations, contemplations of togetherness, and solitude.


From dark and dense aroma, to woody valor of oakwood and white musk, to the warmth of an old European library, to the tangy sweetness of freshly picked red currants, and to the soft, pillowy scent, the brand has all that you desire to elevate your space.

With the sale of every 10 candles, Seva conducts a cataract surgery in the villages of Maharashtra. Therefore, we request your presence at our Stall I102 to support our cause and thereby help the needy. The brand chose this initiative to help remove darkness and bring light to those suffering. Every Festive season Seva supports one cause and last year they have partnered with Samta Foundation who has completed 3,83,867cataract surgeries to date. From the initial diagnosis to transporting them to the healthcare center for the surgery, and the aftercare, Samta Foundation holds the patients’ hand throughout the entire process.


In Sanskrit, Seva means ‘Selfless Service’. Each candle Seva makes is hand-poured with love and dedication from a workforce of underprivileged women yearning to make a living. The brand wants people to experience the profound simplicity of service towards the self or others in their everyday lives.