Giftex 2022: Experience luxury gifting with Udyan Tea

Experience luxury gifting with Udyan Tea, a premium award-winning tea brand
from Darjeeling, offering the finest teas sourced from the origin, with blends
carefully handcrafted by our co-founding master tea taster. We offer over 130
variants of tea made using 100% natural ingredients, that are fresh, of the highest
quality & naturally healthy.
Unlike most tea brands in India, our co-founder is a tea taster himself with 12+
years of experience. He tastes about 800-1000 cups of tea on a daily basis and
has tasted more than 2 million cups till date. This gives us a competitive
advantage and allows us to offer the most innovative & highest quality products to
our clients with consistent experience.

We have over 130 variants of teas across different categories including Black,
Green, Oolong, White, CTC, Iced Tea, Herbal Tisane, Matcha and more.
Additionally, we have a wide range of high quality teaware and customisable gift
boxes available to suit every need.

Udyan Tea
Our wide range of customisable gift boxes are all made of premium quality
material, suited to all kinds of occasions, be it corporate, wedding or personal. All
our designs are created by some of the finest designers in the country who have
worked on each piece with great finesse, utilising a range of craft work including
hand painted techniques. Further, each final product is constructed with great
care using superior materials & the right print methods, that ensure a luxurious

All our boxes can be customised in a number of ways to incorporate your logo,
designs, business cards, custom message, engraving and more. We can even
create customised tea blends to suit any occasion!
Gift something unique and healthy this season and spread happiness in a cup of
tea, with the “finest tea from the origin”.