Giftex 2022: Drive You Nutss – the perfect choice for the festive season

Drive You Nutss is a passion child of a 35 year old business of dry fruits. The aim of the brand is to reimagine dry fruits and give them a chic spin making it the perfect choice for the festive and gifting season alike. Over the last few years we have expanded our repertoire to not only include all varieties of dry fruits but also a multitude of flavours. With reinventing on the forefront, we aim to be a one stop shop for everything gifting.


Participating in Giftex 2022 was the natural next step for us to be able to reach our audiences. We are looking forward to expanding and catering to patrons world wide with the longevity of our product and our custom packaging. This platform will prove to be a stepping stone for us in our Drive You Nutss journey.


If you’re someone who’s looking for unique, bespoke, trend-forward hampers and dry fruits that stand apart in both quality and taste, Drive You Nutss is the answer. Looking forward to seeing you at Stall B67 at Giftex 2022