Giftex 2022: Discover a new way of Gifting with CRISTA

India is the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices. However, there is a disconnect between the quality and range of spices offered by Indian incumbent retail spice brands and those desired by the new age and modern Indian consumer. CRISTA is an all-natural, premium, authentic and flavourful seasonings & spices brand, founded by a former Chairman of the All-India Spices Exporters Forum, the apex spice export body in India. The management team has over 40 years of experience in spice exports. CRISTA controls the entire journey of customer engagement, from procurement of spices directly from farm until final dispatch of the order to the customer. There are no intermediaries and no adulteration. Utilizing our proprietary Pure Source Certified Mark, CRISTA does not use any preservatives, additives, colours or fillers in any of its products. CRISTA is also India’s first premium Direct-To-Consumer seasonings and spices brand with 80 unique seasonings and spices – the largest and most relevant amongst any brand in India. We are delighted to participate at Giftex 2022 as this exhibition will mark the launch of an entirely new and never seen before Festive Gifting range of our products. Choose from 6 modern theme-oriented gift boxes filled with a magical, aromatic range of International & Indian Seasonings – they are Irresistibly Indian, Iconically Indian, Authentically Asian, Passionately Italian, Distinctly Global and Consciously Vegan.

For those businesses that prefer a more traditional approach, we have a range of Earthy Jute Potlis, each in a different colour, filled with the best quality Indian spices. All products can be customized with client logos in time for Diwali.  Please visit us at Stall A 85 at the Ground Floor of the Giftex 2022 Exhibition to consider a healthy, regal, useful and auspicious gift this Diwali!