Fragrance: Each Essence and Each Smell has a different Usage

A smell can do a lot, a great fragrance can make you feel better whereas the one that’s not good can change your mood in a bad way!

“Fragrance makes us dream” – Francois Nars

Each smell has a different usage; like a light one could be for the normal days; when you want to stand out an exotic or strong fragrance could help you do that whereas when its about love fragrances that’s soft, sweet and deep would create the required mood.

The best source of fragrance is perfumes, scented candles, air freshener, room freshener; how you smell can say a lot about your personality; entering a house or a room that smells divine can redirect your thoughts in a positive direction and also creates a positive personality about the person/family staying in the house.

A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion” – Jeffery Stepakoff

Fragrance creates a different aura, it represents your way of living, your thinking and how you pursue life. Fragrance can spark amazing memories, enrich romance, improve one’s mood and create an overall feeling of happiness.

For an individual, fragrance helps the person feel happy, confident and motivated. A nice perfume could help you better your first impression too! Fragrance leaves a different kind of memory, if its nice or strong; it’s going to have a recall value.


“Scent is the strongest tie to the memory” – Maggie Stiefvater

There are mainly four types of scent warm, woody, oriental and fresh. Now, we have a great number of perfumes to mix and match or find out the one that will suit your liking. Whereas the number of options is huge; selecting the right one and finding the right one is still difficult.

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  • Jardin Scents – Stall No. 22 & 23
  • Kamicka Organic Products Pvt Ltd – – Stall No.
  • Tohafha – Stall No. 128
  • Mangalam Brands Pvt Ltd – Stall No. 93
  • Jadoo Magic – Stall No. 94
  • Seva Home Collection – Stall No. 102
  • Kytes India – Stall No. 88
  • Planting Chemistry – Stall No.87

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