Dry Fruits: A Trending Gifting Option

Gifting makes almost every relationship, every bond better; no matter if it’s a small one or big one; its more about the emotions.

In last decade ’Gifting’ section has grown widely and creatively; from clothes and sweets; we are now into personalisation, stationery, handicrafts, food baskets, gift baskets, hampers, chocolates, dry fruits. Gourmets and more.

Sweets was something that was a part of every occasion in terms of gifting; be it festivals, special occasions, promotions, wedding, visits to relatives’ house; it was a part of almost everything; but now this pattern is seeing a different curve; now sweets are being replaced by dry fruits. Dry Fruits is the current gifting trend; it’s so big that there are now flavours, different packaging, experimentations, and also dry fruits chocolates in this gifting category. Now it’s less of those regular dry fruits and more of the way it’s packed, flavoured and personalised.

Dry Fruits in India is also a part of luxury; the number of options under this category makes the dry fruits section more interesting. India is the number one producer of almonds in overseas market; Jammu manages to produce 12.93 thousand tones i.e., 94.45% of almonds in the year 2017 – 2018 and the state also has great production of walnuts and cashews pertaining to its suitable climatic conditions. India annually imports 36,000 tonnes of dry fruits and spices.

dry fruit gifting

Now, a lot of businesses have started giving Dry Fruits hampers/packets during festive seasons; also, people with sweets also tend to pick up dry fruits for the closed relatives, friends or while going to any functions.

Now even dry fruits chocolates like Almond Chocolates, Walnut Chocolates, Berry Chocolate, Fruit and Nut Chocolate, Assorted Chocolates and more. One of the reasons dry fruit gifting has also seen a pick is because it’s considered as a rich quality product; dry fruits are expensive and thus gifting this gives a better feeling to both the receiver and also the giver.


In Dry Fruits, Gifting options are immense and we bring for you an exhibition where you can explore the best dry fruit gifting option from around India at ‘Giftex’.

Giftex is one of the biggest trade exhibitions of India; this year gifting exhibitors from around India are taking part in it so come and explore the best in dry fruits category from 3rd August to 6th August at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

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