Corporate Gifting: Building and Strengthening Bonds

Gifting is a rapidly growing industry; and in last 10 years it has been blooming like never before. Giving and receiving gift is a different emotion and this emotion plays an important part in adding up to people’s hopes, expectations and overall vibe; owing it such an impact the industry has been advancing in terms of gifts; especially in India where there are n number of festivals and occasions to celebrate.

In India, gifting can be divided into 3 broad categories – Festival Gifting, Personal Gifting and Corporate Gifting; the net worth of overall gifting industry is INR 2,50,000 crore; out of which corporate gifting market is about INR 12,000 crore and this category of gifting is growing at over 200% per annum.’

Corporate Gifting has become very popular in last decade; gifts is kind of recognition and appreciation. In earlier times, gifting was mostly specific to big festivals like Diwali or New Year; but in current times Corporate Gifting includes festival gifts for the employees, annual appreciation/awards/a form or incentive, gifts for the new comers, gifts for the close clients and also for the shareholders.

As per research 63% of companies credited gift-giving as a factor in their improved customer relationships with their clients. 94% of top business executives believe that gifting can impact a business relationship. 53% of employees stayed at their company due to the recognition and reward.

corporate gifting

The number clarifies how gifting has started creating an impact in the corporate industries. In the earlier times, sweets, utensils or something for home was the ‘go to’ gift for the employees but with the changing times, businesses have started looking for things that are unique, personalised or has a branding.

Like chocolate hampers, food hampers, gift baskets, candles, flowers, antiques, handicrafts, novelties – it depends highly on the occasion; like still stationery is a part of gifting for a new joiner whereas with everything businesses still add sweets to the gifting part for Diwali and for the international clients food baskets/hampers/flowers are still the most preferred gift items.

The time is changing, industries are evolving, people’s mindset are seeing a different curve; in these times doing something unique or out of the box could still make a huge difference, your gift is like a token of remembrance; if its best people are going to remember you.

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