Art Expo India 2009: A platform to understand, buy, gift and invest in art


If any of your friends or family members loves visiting art galleries; likes reading on art & culture, and relishes watching cultural shows, he or she makes a perfect candidate on your part to give an artwork as a gift! But where to source the reliable information about latest trends in Indian art!

Well, you may visit Art Expo India 2009, which is going to be a high profile meeting ground for art dealers, galleries, artists and prospective art buyers.

Dwelling on the importance of AEI, an ET report by Nalini S Malaviya mentions that talks by experts in the field, and an opportunity to interact with artists, gallerists, critics and other members from the art fraternity, sure add great value to such events. Insights into various aspects related to the art market, such as world markets, evaluations, regulations and so on, make the event more interesting, it points out.

The event is bound to act as a catalyst in building the art market in India. With more and more Indians becoming wealthier, there is a huge untapped potential waiting to be exploited. The new-found prosperity, a highly sophisticated audience and international exposure now present a perfect opportunity for art dealers to project buying, collecting and investing art a modern lifestyle statement.

Importantly, no other market can be as huge as the Indian market for Indian art itself. If it has to do well, it must ‘sell’  in India to start with. AEI is looking to make this happen. Its aim is to build a community of art connoisseurs by building awareness and imparting knowledge of Indian art history as well as current art trends.

The event to be hosted at Nehru Center, Mumbai (September 25th-27th) strives to serve as a link among keen art viewers, artists and experts. It will provide you with an insight into the contemporary art trends.

Mr Vickram Sethi of The Arts Trust and AEI organizer, concludes: “Our exhibiting galleries are constantly bringing fresh perspectives to Indian art. We only invite galleries who are passionate and ground-breaking in the artists they foster.”

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