‘Wrapp-up’ of a modern-day gifting trend

Social gifting has emerged as a highly popular trend that lets people collaborate on purchasing gifts. This trend benefits retailers as well. By using wish lists on the Web, social media users are much more likely to shop and join in social gifting. Wrapp is a perfect case in point of the new-age phenomenon.

To send a gift card via Wrapp, people need to log in to your site account, find a family member or friend to celebrate, and choose that person’s image. They then finalize the offer that they want, pen a greeting and enter in payment details. Press ‘Give’ button and the job is done!

Your friend will get notified of your gift via Facebook, text message or email- it’s up to you. The app will also notify existing users of each gift card that they receive, as well as any contributions. Friends who have been given gift cards by other friends will appear in your Wrapp app. You will also see them on Facebook, if gift-card senders let news about their gifts be posted there.

Any and all of the Facebook friends can together contribute to a gift card dispatched by one mutual friend to another. To join the celebration, they simply need to get a Wrapp account. Wrapp gift cards make great group gifts. Each merchant can decide on the maximum permissible value of a gift card.

To join the celebration, simply open Wrapp on your smartphone or computer and select the friend being celebrated; select the gift-card image to view other contributors and their greetings; then write your own greeting, choose the amount you wish to give and press the ‘Contribute’ button. Finally, enter payment info and press the ‘Give’ button. The friend being celebrated will know about your contribution via email, Facebook or text message.

If the gift card has already been delivered, your friend will see the exact amount you have contributed to the value of the original gift card. Before delivery, mutual friends and other contributors will see only the total value of the gift card, no matter how many people have contributed to it. There is no limit to the number of friends who can add value to a gift card. Each merchant decides on the maximum value of its gift card, however. In some cases, you may not be able to contribute to a card because it has reached its maximum value.

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