Wonderful artifacts with contemporary touch

Play Clan is place tucked away in a glassy mall in the capital city that offers experimental and alternative gift ideas. It is not a commercial enterprise; it’s a rather small-scale retail venture.

Eccentricities that expressed in ink & paper in the form of illustrations in popular graphic novels spill onto accessories showcased here. They represent age-old icons, urban pop culture, and other symbols of everyday life. These are Wonderful artifacts with a contemporary touch!

You get to see a sage from Kashi on a colorful, classy mug — with the Ganges ghats illustrated over his body, or a DTC bus as an illustration in a small frame, or a rickshaw colored in with letterings ‘Taxi no. 9211’, ‘CNG’ and ‘Roses are red, violets are blue’. The ravishing rustic metal kettle and captivating chai glass cups are iconized here.

T-shirts and formal shirts sport a larger picture, with the Indian “Hum do hamare do’ family sharing a Bajaj scooter, an Old Delhi nook flush with kites flying high on Independence Day,  or superstar Rajinikanth posing with his bike. Mumbai’s towering skyscrapers and VT (or CST) are etched in cushion covers and frames. Snatches of Kolkata are also there. The Presidential House is splashed on other curios

Himanshu Dogra started Illum Designs almost eight years ago. He unveiled the first Play Clan retail store in 2007. He has mentioned in an interview: “Our themes change every couple of months.” Their current theme is India images, across cities. They will soon introduce a Goddess Saraswati theme.

The wonderful artifacts in this store are politically correct and at the same time entertaining and humorous. They will help you to strike a chord with the person whom you opt to gift them.

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