Wine: A Premium Gift For The Royal Corporate


Corporate gifting, especially to achieve a company’s relationship building objectives, has taken a new dimension.

Clients are always special and they always deserve a special gift.

There can be nothing more special than gifting a premium wine bottle that adds value to making a business deal within corporate circles.

Since the number of wine lovers is growing at a tremendous rate, wine is leading the list of corporate gifts. Corporate gifting has taken a new leap and is used as a means of branding a company’s image.

Many corporates when gifting a wine bottle add the company logo tag with a personalized message that ensures that the company receives due credit for the same. Along with gifting a wine bottle, many corporates add crystal-ware, gourmet foods and other wine accessories to the gift basket.

Nitin Goel, Sales Director, Tribalware says:

“Nothing beats a good wine bottle, wrapped in hand-made paper and packed in a bamboo basket with a couple of neatly-packed wine glasses as a corporate gift.” (Source: Economic Times).

“Besides providing the perfect blend of informality even amidst ceremonial relationships, a gift of wine symbolizes a celebration of sorts too… which most other gifts can’t match” he concludes.

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