Why not consider bewildering Bollywood based giveaways as Diwali gifts?

If you are keen on incorporating glitz n glamour to your gaudy gift, why not try out brash Bollywood themes. If you do not know how, this is something just for you. Here is a young designer who will do the job for you…

Dazzling designer Nida Mahmood, who admittedly has been a hardcore Hindi movie buff, would always dream of cute little things that we could see only on screen. That set her thinking how those gorgeous elements, which light up a film set, could be incorporated in one’s daily life. She mulled over the idea and integrated with the concept of gifting. 

The unique blend has given rise to a venture called as New India Bioscope. She has set it up with her friend Raul Chandra. It has just been over a month ago and the idea has clicked. She has already been chosen to refurbish the Art Deco Theatre in New Delhi, Nida is also going work for a Hollywood production, designing the outfits.

Spice and variety is the essence of her eccentric gift offerings.  These are no ordinary items. As you would realize, the techni-color fun has subtly spilled over onto ubiquitous objects from totes to keychains. She has added dramatic touch to them, terming it as an unadulterated Bollywood touch. There are captivating tea cups and other kitschy items like diaries, bags and home décor elements.

Prices might deter you, if not the concept itself! Price tag of a Gabbar chair will ring in your ears for days together. It is tagged at Rs 45,000. If you are looking for more affordable stuff, go for umbrellas with rain songs like ‘Pyar Hua’ and ‘Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si’ from the 90’s to those from the 50’s etched on them. These cost just about Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000. A ‘Don’ notebook is just worth a few hundred rupees, while Bollywood keychains come cheaper at Rs 100.

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