Why must you be there at Giftex 2013 in Bangalore?

Thanks to a highly challenging business environment, today’s businesses have been forced to think beyond lofty or impracticable promises of big bonuses and lavish retreats. As all of us would readily agree, corporate entities cutting across domains and irrespective of their scale, are now facing the tricky scenario of sticking to stringent budgets as well as conceiving newer, more novel ideas to show their ‘human’ side to clients and employees and to express their heartfelt appreciation.

In such circumstances, a little help from outside is always welcome. This is where Giftex 2013 will come into play. Followed by a hugely successful show in Mumbai, the event now moves to Bangalore.

A gift is an ideal tool, object or gesture, whichever way you consider it, when it comes to making a permanent and fulfilling impression on your clients, business associates as well as your valued employees.Gift giving is not a mere ritual. It has emerged as a crucial corporate strategy as part of a larger jigsaw.

Generic gifts picked by harried administrative assistants are giving way to personal gestures designed to indicate just how much your truly care for your corporate buddies. An old cliché goes that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ has perhaps never been more dead-on that now!

In the field of sales & marketing services, clients expect gifting-industry consultants to be right on top of trends; be innovative and tuned to new technology. Part of their responsibility and role to our clients is to come up with innovative ways to get their messages across. For those keen on sourcing the best corporate gifting options, there is another great chance close on the heels of the just concluded Giftex show in Mumbai.

The event in Bangalore will provide just the perfect opportunity for those exhibitors who might have missed out on their opportunity in Mumbai. It will bring together the best from the gifting industry under one umbrella so you must be a part of it.

GIFTEX, STATIONEX & JUTEX 2013 (Bangalore edition)

Venue:     Gayathri Vihar, Bellary Road, Palace Ground, Bangalore, India.
Date:     Sep 6th – Sep 8th, 2013
11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

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