Why is India a favorite business destination for global brands?

India is fast emerging as one of the world’s most preferred destinations for conducting business. There are multifold reasons for this. The economy has opened up in recent decades. The Government is keen to welcome the foreign investment.

Emphasizing this aspect, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram recently stated that the country didn’t have choice between spurning and welcoming foreign investment and it was an imperative. While presenting the union budget for 2013-14, he emphasized that thrust on foreign investment was in consonance with the country’s economic priorities.

According to him, the government would do all possible things to communicate its policies that encourage investments and he intended to build a business-friendly environment. The FM averred that doing business in the country must be seen as easy, mutually beneficial and friendly.

India’s consumer class is fast expanding. To tap their potential, companies are increasing the overall marketing and promotional spend.  The younger people are turning to social media channels, presenting a great opportunity to marketers. India is already among the largest markets for Facebook, with immense potential in social media business landscape.

On the flip side, tastes and preferences of buyers are dramatically changing. Fox example, gone are those good old days when any formal ubiquitous gift would do. Gifting ideas were mostly limited to fancy flower bouquets and sweet boxes in the past. Though they still remain in circulation, corporate clients are looking for innovative, conceptual, customized and thematic presents.

Many global brands are keen to attract this new consumer class. The fast-evolving and exciting corporate gifting/branding domain now beckons many of world’s top companies, keen to expand their business. They are coming up with innovative ideas to leave their imprint on the corporate gifting scene of India. Especially, companies from thriving economies like China are keen to enter the Indian market.

The reflection of this trend is palpable in the changing profile of exhibitors who now form part of Giftex event. Many overseas participants especially from India’s neighboring countries suggest that they are keen to target corporate clientele across wide sectors. Indian gifting industry players are gearing up to face the competition, too. Their strong presence at Giftex clearly underlines this development. Exciting times are ahead for the corporate gifting industry.

Giftex presents you the best opportunity to leverage the intrinsic potential of the corporate gifting domain.

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