Why and how to cultivate team spirit through gifts?

Giving corporate gifts is the perfect way to encourage your employees to work hard and to remain emotionally attached to you. After all, if you treat people well and offer them timely gifts and incentives for their hard work, why would they want to be anywhere else? This build a very positive office ambiance.

The downside, so to say, of incentives is obviously the cost factor. Although these kinds of corporate giveaways tend to pay for themselves over time in terms of loyalty earned and enhanced output on part of your employees, they can still be costly to start with. When one talks of the cost involved, it is not essential that every corporate gift idea has to be very expensive.

In fact, it’s not that you’ve to always give something in material terms; it’s through sheer positive attitude that you can lift your employees’ and your colleagues’ mood. The idea of putting these tips into practice is to spread positive vibes and to build a sense of team spirit to meet tough targets and deadlines.

•    Nothing like it, if your office has an employee refrigerator so that you can treat yourself to a pint of your favorite ice cream flavor, whenever you feel like! Keep it ready in the refrigerator.

•    Whenever you are a little bored or just feel like having a quick break, walk down to the kitchen and gulp a few spoonfuls. Share it with your office friends and colleagues, and they will surely respond to your gesture. All of you thus can have an impromptu break. It’s amazing to see how most hardcore professionals leave their offices or even cubicle walls totally untouched. Check if you can hang your favorite pictures. Some nice posters and paintings will also do the trick. Just ensure that they are in good taste.

•    Place a bamboo plant and some type of fern in your office. It’s not just for decorative purpose. Once you get used to them, you will enjoy taking care of them. A simple act of sprinkling water on these plants will cheer you up. It inadvertently breaks up the long day a little and gets you out and walking around a bit.

Think of more such ideas to create a lighter, relaxed mood even in a highly challenging business environment. That’s the best corporate gift you can give, many a times!

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