What exclusive and exotic gifts to get from China?

Beijing has a rich history spanning over thousands of years. Even in ancient times it was a metropolis with a prosperous economy and developed businesses. Many skillful craftsmen settled there, and passed down over generations their excellent skills.

Handcraft: You can still get the traditional handcrafts with typical eastern features in many of the business streets and popular markets. Cloisonné, Jade, Lacquer and Ivory Carving are considered the best traditional works of Beijing. China’s ancient ceramics tradition is still flourishing. You will be dazzled by these art treasures.

Antique pieces: Beijing attracts antique-seekers from across the globe. There are some amazing antique shopping areas like Beijing Curio City and Liulichang Cultural Street. Export of genuine antiques is not permitted without the official sanction.

Silk: Smooth silk is also worth buying. Government tourism stores and friendship stores are the best places for a good silky bargain.

Herbal remedies: Leading hospitals and pharmacies prescribe herbal remedies. China’s system of traditional medicine is time-tested.

What else to buy: Curios, snuff bottles with pictures inside, pearls and attractive artificial flowers are also worth buying for your friends back here. Tourists also relish candied fruits and mouthwatering confectionaries. Prints of old Beijing are still available at some time-honored brand shops.

Beijing Curio City is the largest curio center in the country. The curio city is spread over 23,400 square meters. It comprises hundreds of stores selling ancient porcelain, paintings, jade, carving, calligraphy, bronze artifacts, carpets, and jewelry. It’s like a big museum that will provide you peep into the Chinese culture and history.

Liulichang Cultural Street is a famous antique market for curios, calligraphy, painting or other form of traditional art. Rongbaozhai Bookshop sells books on authentic calligraphy and Chinese art & craft – both classic and contemporary.

You will also come across many large shopping complexes. Just follow the crowd and you will be able to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Beijing. Popular pedestrian streets are Da Zha Lan, a busy street in Xuanwu District, northwest of Qianmen Dajie, which again is one of most famous and the oldest commercial streets.

Silver Street, starting from Dongdan in the south to Dongsi in the north, is a venue for exotic fashions. Xin Jie Kou, located in Xicheng District, is a street famous for digital products.

You can get some wonderful presents from Beijing for your friends.

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