What do the celebrities go for as a gift?

Gift is a voluntary act that does not ask for anything in return. In Everyone’s life there are happy occasions that one wants to remember throughout one’s life. Gifts make such occasions memorable.

It is said that the price tag of a gift does not decide its worth. It’s the sentiment and the sincerity that counts. Yet all of us are curious to know how the big and mighty celebrate the special occasions in their life and what kind of gifts they go for?

Not long ago, we had published a blog entry that reported: “If you happen to be David Beckham and are shopping for your moody wife, what is it that you will come up with to pamper her? You do not just spring for her some fine wine, you rather pick up the entire winery. And this is what exactly Beckham did.

Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man (despite the market crash and erosion in the market capital of his group companies including the flagship firm Reliance Industries Ltd) reportedly gifted his wife a swanky Luxury Jet that was complete with a sky bar, fancy showers and entertainment cabins on her birthday. He gifted to Neeta Ambani $60 million Air Bus on her 44th birthday.

And there are rumors that he is even planning to gift her plush $1 billion home on her next birthday, It is going to be a 27 storey home with a health club, six floors of car parking and helipad.

It remains to be seen whether there are any changes in the plan owing to the turbulent times. But then gifting is all about celebration…even in tough times. There are many such instances of lavish gifting when it comes to biggies and celebrities across the world. We shall list a few next time.

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