What better occasion can there be than the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day to give a gift?

This is an occasion for people all over the world to think positive from their heart and do something really worthwhile for at least one individual or organization. It’s a day for you and me to think and act in a truly positive manner and reach out to someone, and do something good.

The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day on March 1, 2008 will be all about starting your day with a positive idea, thought or prayer and also helping others do the same so that they can spend their day in a positive manner. Giving gift is one obvious thing that we spontaneously do to display and share our happy feelings.

The day is about such lovely gestures when each & every one of us is prompted to think positive and doing at least one small positive thing, that is ‘paying it forward’. Can you think of the results if all of us join together and actively take part in this noble movement of doing something positive for each other?

The significance of being, feeling and sharing positive vibes need not be overemphasized here. In fact, scientific research has proved that individuals who experience happiness in their daily lives have healthier levels of key body chemicals than those who harbor unhappy feelings. Obviously, happier people tend to have healthier hearts and cardiovascular systems, also probably reducing the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Researchers at London based University College in a study have linked ‘everyday happiness’ with much healthier levels of vital body chemicals like the stress hormone cortisol. According to clinical psychologist Jane Wardle, involved in the research, laughter is the best medicine. The research establishes a definite link between positive emotional feelings with good health.

Gifting is one way of becoming yourself happy and making someone else happy. What better occasion can there be than the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day to gift something worthwhile?

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