Ways to impart your business with a personal touch on the Web

So now you have got a great business going and you are starting to build a solid online presence. Bear in mind the fact that when you take a step ahead in cyberspace, you must stick to certain rules like not to allow the e-barrier existing between you and your prospects hamper your communication flow and rapport. Gifts can certainly boost your marketing initiatives.

Here are some proven ways to impart your business with a personal touch online courtesy a column by Drew Hendricks published on http://smallbiztrends.com. It starts off noting that each one of us wants to get more loyal customers who in turn must feel that you’re trying to reach out to them individually.

Responsive Web design is a necessity if you want your business to stay competitive. It refers to the principle that the website is easily viewed and used on a screen of any size. It uses a technique known as a ‘media query’ to determine the screen resolution of the device on which the viewer has called up your site. Then it renders the output appropriate to the screen size, so every user sees a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate Web page on his or her device, no matter how big or small.

Enabling customized user preferences is a great idea. It’s especially useful if your website is meant to cater to differing target markets.  You can even let the people change the actual look and feel of your website to suit their own tastes, at least to some extent. The important thing is that you market to customers in a way that they find easy to customize. That’s a very good thing.

Social media provides no small amount of benefit to businesses that wish to cast aside the corporate persona and opt for a more approachable “personality” in their online marketing efforts. Make sure that you monitor your various social media channels consistently, so that you respond to the inquiries.

Last but not least, personalized gifts are a great way to boost customer relationships. Perhaps you’ve an online venture that seeks people’s birth date while registering on your site. And if that is the case, why not use that bit of information for increasing your online interaction with them. How?

Well, you can offer personalized gifts on their birthday. This is absolutely a great way of saying ‘I care’ to someone keen to use your products/services. It’ll be a pleasant surprise to the recipient to receive a personalized gift, which will most likely work wonder for your business.

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