Vibrant and vivacious Vastu-friendly gifts

Giftex is pleased to unveil extremely powerful and pacifying, vibrant and vivacious Vastu gifts from one of India’s largest house in the ancient Vastu Shastra Consultancy, Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services.


This galvanizing object means a three dimension form of shreeyantra which is most powerful and effective made from either an alloy of five metals or crystal. It is good for all round success, prosperity – health – harmony as well as physical – mental – spiritual growth

Wish Pyramid:

It’s a specially designed six layer pyramid with small nine pyramid chip and sudarshan plus lotus effect on basal plate. This pyramid is fitted with complete shree yantra on base. Wish pyramid should be placed in safe locker, cash drawer of shop or office drawer. Your wish one at a time written on piece of white paper with red ink is to be placed inside this pyramid. The pyramid energy help to achieve your objectives as well as it will safeguard your valuables.

Vasturaviraj 45 Pyramid Swastik:

In order to activate center region of big projects, industries or plot of land, 45 pyramids are placed underground in the form of Swastik. Pyramid & Swastik together means –‘Two together perform better’.

Lord Kubera statue:

Lord Kubera is known to a wealth-manager of the Gods & Goddesses. It helps in stabilizing and multiplying the wealth as well as controlling outflow of money and reducing unproductive expenses.

Super Energy Set:

This is highly effective as centre plate or controlling unit. In case of vastu with serious vastu defects, it is necessary to use this unit. It is comprised of nine octagonal plates with 5913 pyramids, 81 crystals representing 81 houses and semi precious stones for navgrahas (Nine planets) 81 lotus symbols with 81 swastik copper chips symbols from the bottom.

This is to be placed in centre region under flooring tiles or these nine plates can be spread on master bed under the mattress. This product is highly effective and known for miraculous results. In the bottom centre plate there is provision of special chamber in which a very specific prayer to Lord of Vastu is placed with intentions for total peace and prosperity.

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