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In our last blog we checked in a store, New Delhi’s Play Clan store that offers Artifacts which are politically correct and simultaneously, entertaining and humorous!

For instance, you can get a charming coaster with illustrations of the Goddess Saraswati with a little tale penned at the back. This is a unique branding style that they follow for all their accessories. “We try to weave a story, and then find different platforms for expressing each of them. We carry a small little write-up on each theme at the back of every product,” Himanshu Dogra, the brain behind it, explains.

A bunch of their exclusive products are available at select outlets like Kimaya and Malini Ramani’s Goa store. But this small Delhi space symbolizes the Clan at its best. The way the store has been designed gels with the whole idea behind it. They wanted it to be project as a graphic showcase. The yellow wall and the clones’ illustrations represent common people like us. They have displayed the frames and pillows to create a unique ambience.

It serves as a compact space. The open glass cabinets host smaller things like colorful illustrated journals, badges, coffee mugs and DVD holders. Prices have been kept moderate, which is important from a buyer’s perspective. They start from Rs 260 onwards. The items are indeed affordable for everyone, making them a true value pick for corporate or personal gifting.

Located at the Select City Mall in Saket and spread over mere 250 sq ft, Play Clan is a brainchild of Illum Designs that is branding for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week 2009.

This is Play Clan’s flagship store. Apart from the one at Select CityWalk, two more are on their way. One has already opened at The Garden of Five Senses. Another one is coming up in Mumbai. According to Himanshu Dogra, the brain behind it, their production is still small-scale. This is because they are keen on maintaining a sense of exclusivity. The idea is to keep each artifact personal.

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