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Please, ‘weigh’ the consequences of your gift!

A husband was in trouble. Guess why; it was because he had forgotten his wife’s birthday. She was willing to let it go by if the husband made up for the mistake in the ‘right’ way.

She told him, “Tomorrow there better be something nice in the driveway for me, which goes zero to 100 in 10 seconds”.

The wife found a small package next morning in the driveway. She curiously opened it and found a brand new weighing scale.

‘Cheap’ husband’s gift

After being away on a business trip, Manjit thought it would be great to get a nice little gift for his wife so as to make her happy.

“How about a good perfume?” he asked at the cosmetics shop. The salesgirl showed him a bottle worth Rs 1000.

“That’s a bit too much,” said Manjit. She returned with another bottle for Rs 500. “That’s still quite costly for me,” Manjit complained again. Getting annoyed, the girl brought out a tiny bottle.

“What I mean?” said Manjit angrily, “It costs Rs 150. I would like to buy something that is really cheap.”

The girl handed him a shampoo pouch. It’s for you, baldie,” she shouted.

A precious gift, but is it for the real?

A guy got his wife a lovely diamond ring for Diwali. After coming to know about this rather extravagant gift, a friend of his remarked, “But I thought she was looking for one of those sporty four-wheel-drive vehicles.””Yes, she did,” he replied. “But how and where was I going to find a fake Jeep, tell me?”

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