Tracking the transition in the gifting trends on festive occasions

The way of celebrating traditional festivals are undergoing a metamorphosis with the changing times, and so also the pattern of gifting. Rakhi is no exception to this. Brother-sister duos tend to share early phase of life together, and retain the bond even as they grow up.

Apart from sentiments, with big bucks riding on Rakhi, has the festival become more a show of ostentation, rather than pure emotion? This was the point raised in a ToI article.

Model Vasuki S, currently studying in NY, mentioned, “Rakhi is now largely commercial. It’s more about what you get from your brother. My brother is younger than me. But the thing, which touched me the most was when he saved from his pocket money at the tender age of ten to get me a gift on Rakhi. It’ll always be special when you can let your sister know that you’re there for her.”

With sisters not hesitant to demand opulent gifts, most brothers leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the best possible for their sisters. No wonder then that the whole gifting industry has also evolved in keeping with the trend. So gone are the days when those run-of-the-mill gifts like some cash were the most common. Today it’s all about more luxurious spoils…

Art aficionado Timsy Anand stated, it was still more about making the sincere effort to connect with one another even with the changing thought that money could buy the biggest gifts.  And sisters can’t really stop putting up that long list of loving demands.

New Delhi based Garima Parnami, a model, added, “As for a gift, I want a new laptop. And I don’t think it’s about being materialistic. I want it because mine is really bad. My brother is aware of it. I know he can afford one for me. Gifting for me is a beautiful concept to show you care.”

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