Today is Pink Day!

Pink Day Pink Day, or June 23, has a serious history behind it. An American company marked the day pink on its calendar when it found that more than half its women employees had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But the colour is traditionally far from serious. It is associated with girls and cuteness and all things nice. But at the turn of the century pink also crossed over to the boardroom and not just because women were storming the male bastion of work in a big way. It became the it colour of the metrosexual man. For a long time women, too, had steered clear of pink in the workplace for fear of appearing inefficient, but today with a new found confidence, pink has taken on different connotations. Here’s a quick guide on how to wear pink in the office –Salmon PInk T-shirt

• Pink doesn’t mean bubblegum pink. Men should opt for deep shades of salmon and rose pink that complement the Indian skin tone perfectly, and remember that plum, crimson and magenta are also shades of pink. Steer clear of hot pink.
Hot Pink• Hot pink is a woman’s colour all the way. It’s bold, fierce and extremely feminine. It’s sexy without even remotely being trashy and no one can miss you when you’re wearing it.

Pink Jacket with stripes
• When buying a pink piece of clothing like a shirt or a jacket for the office, go for ‘serious’ prints like checks and stripes.
Pink Shirt• Team your pink with business-like colours. A pink shirt with a navy blue or black jacket is a striking combination; pink and white lends itself to an easy feel, perfect for Friday dressing.Pink Belt
• Wary of pink? Use it as an accessory – a pink belt, pink shoes, a pink kerchief in your jacket pocket, or a pink tie. Note to self: keep the pink tie matte. Avoid shine, unless you want to attract attention to a block of shiny pink down your centre.Pink Shoes
However, if you are completely an anti-pink person or your mood is just not ‘pinky’ on June 23, then you don’t have to wear it, just put it up in the office! A pink wall hanging, when used correctly, can bring vitality into an office space.

So go pink with a vengeance and, spare a thought for the breast cancer victims in the world.

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