Tips to give away sumptuous personalized food hampers

A luxury food hamper can be an ideal for corporate gifting. Packed full of tantalizing traditional food a& drink, these thoughtful and considerate gifts can well set a brand apart from the clutter around! It can become so much easier than ever for you to show your clients they really matter with a string of pre-assembled hamper ideas or the option of building your very own food hamper.
Here are some quick tips to give away sumptuous personalized food hampers so as to win the hearts of your clients and business associates:

Businesses with tight budgets are inclined to go for smaller hampers. The flexibility apparently afforded by a  personalized food hamper is no doubt perfect from this angle. Small sized food hampers holding about 4-6 carefully picked items sure can make a bolder and more emphatic statement than just sending out a generic hamper round to everyone on a mailing list. This won’t look good, and convey that you are not too serious about the entire exercise.

It will help to infuse a variety of impressive food choices. There are now plentiful options to do so: local cheeses, preserves, cured meats, biscuits and scrumptious chocolates can all be arranged and neatly packed into one handsome hamper alongside say a bottle of port or beer, wine – it will add extra weight to the gift hamper if the company’s marketing team can find out which drink or flavor the recipient would prefer beforehand.

There are medium-sized hampers that allow much more scope for maneuvering. With ample scope for quality as well as affordability, those who are putting together the choicest luxury food hampers can take advantage of more variety, even doubling up food items/tastes to offer the recipient a wider choice. Including a bottle of best of the drinks, as stated above, is not a bad idea, depending on the client’s profile.

See to it that all bases are fully covered, while you are looking to blend immediate treats like chocolates and cakes with items which can be used at leisure including herbs, oils etc. It will mean that the hamper is not simply a flash in the pan act, handed routinely. Do consider vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories separately, while preparing a food hamper for personalized gifting purpose.

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