Handy tips to give apt and timely gifts

While conceptualizing a gifting program, keeping in mind those up the corporate  corporate ladder, it is essential to maintain a level of formality, that is, one should use the traditional and conservative approach. Anything that is an executive gift will usually fit the bill. Leather Pad Holders, Desk Clocks, and Fine Writing Instruments are places to start for traditional type gifts.

On the other hand, the most important principle to follow while gifting to your boss is “do not do it alone!” which means, It is advisable to buy the gift for your boss with your co-workers. A gift from a sole employee might be interpreted as a bribe to your boss or make you stick out from the other employees in a negative way to both your boss and co-workers. You might have good intentions, but really assess your relationship with your boss before you give a gift without your co-workers.

Last but not the least, there is a wide selection when purchasing for your employees. Gifts can range from desk clocks, mouse mats, coffee mugs and even adventurous gifts like trekking holidays. Personalization can also be used quite liberally if you are aware of the likes /dislikes of the employee. For e.g. If you know the employee is a Bollywood buff, a free pass to a cine awards would be ideal. If you have some idea of the interests/hobbies of the gift recipient, you can give a gift based on the likes/dislikes of the recipient.

If a client is into yoga you could give him a subscription for a yoga magazine. This would make him happy and every time he reads the new edition he will always remember you.

– Books, CDs or DVDs are really great as they have a personal touch because the client feels that you know what he likes.

– Restaurant certificates, food gifts or drink or even a gift certificate to a free lunch or a B&B.

– Tickets to movies, sporting events or a concert.

If you’re not sure or you don’t know what your clients is like, do your gifting research and call their administrative assistant/secretary or the H.R. Manager and ask what they would enjoy. This will make the client feel you have done a good amount of research.

GIFTEX, STATIONEX & JUTEX 2013 (Bangalore edition)

Venue:     Gayathri Vihar, Bellary Road, Palace Ground, Bangalore, India.
Date:     Sep 6th – Sep 8th, 2013
11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

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