Even as you might be thinking to buy a shawl or a saree for your mom this Mother’s Day, we feel a Fragrance – subtle and sensitive, expressing core facets of her personality such as inner strength and tenderness will strike the perfect chord with her and also make her happy.

While buying a perfume take lots of breaks. Ideally, begin with lighter scents, so your nose will not get overpowered by the harsh scent early on. After being exposed to stimuli, our olfactory senses shut down to continuing aromas or odors. Sensors can be recalled by ‘palate cleansing’, or just by taking a break.If you are looking for something very rich and heady, test a couple of fragrances, then wander off for a cup of coffee, and return in half an hour or so to try a couple more.

Carefully read the perfume information before you actually buy. You may sometimes find lighter scents just by reading the details on the label. Packaging is often distinctly colored to reflect the overall ‘tone’ of the fragrance. You will mostly get rich, complex ones in deep reds or browns, light florals in pastel colors and fruity scents in bright packages. It is not a norm, though! Dunhill Desire Blue

Fragrance boutiques specializing in scented oils often have saucers of coffee beans put around so you can draw a little more out of your ‘scent sensors’. Sniffing the coffee beans often refreshes and revives your sense of smell. If you aren’t very sure what exactly you’re looking for, you might make things easier for yourself by talking to the experienced salesperson about scent types you are looking for and the characteristics of the person you want to gift it so that the salesperson can help you find a perfect perfume.

So, go ahead, buy a fragrance and surprise your mom on this Mother’s Day.

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