Tips for a successful sports-cum-business trip to Beijing

For those corporate biggies heading to Beijing to watch Olympics and also boost their business prospects, it is important to be aware of Chinese traits and behavioral patterns. The key is to develop a working knowledge of Chinese culture. Following are some important tips for effective business communication in China:

1. Bowing or nodding is considered the common form of greeting. You also may be offered a handshake. Wait for the other person to offer his or her hand first.

2. Introductions are formal. Use formal titles during introduction.

3. The Chinese may seem unfriendly when being introduced. This is because they don’t like displaying excessive emotion.
4. Being on time for a business meeting is vital in China.

5. Prior appointments are a must for business meetings.

6. Contacts should be in place prior to your trip.

7. Carry several copies of all written documents for your business meetings.

8. When being introduced, make it a point to stand up
9. The decision-making process tends to be slow. You need to patient with your Chinese counterparts.

10. Remain standing till the introduction formalities are over.
11. Present and receive business cards with both hands.

12. Never scribble on a business card. Do not casually thrust it in your wallet. Instead carry a small card case.

13. Many Chinese clients will want to consult with the stars or perhaps wait for a lucky day before making a decision.

14. The most important / senior member of your firm or group should head important meetings. Chinese clients value rank and status.

15. Let the Chinese counterpart leave a meeting venue first.

Following are some handy ideas for an appropriate appearance when in China for business purpose:

1. Conservative suits with subtle colors is usually the norm for men.

2. Casual dressing is not advisable. Try to be conservative.

3. Jeans are not acceptable for a business meeting.

4. Women should avoid wearing short sleeved blouses and high heels. Revealing clothing is considered offensive. The Chinese won’t appreciate it.

5. Subtle, neutral colors by both men and women will go well with Chinese delegates.

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