Timely, trendy ideas for those looking to please someone special

Gift for someone special

Truly thoughtful gift is the one that strikes a chord with the receiver; the one that reflects that you have taken efforts in selecting, packing and presenting it. Your emotions should be attached to it. Why not shower your friend or a coveted colleague with something valuable? This is the way to build and strengthen the bonds of love and affection…

If your friend or colleague is a youthful, upcoming and dynamic executive who loves looking sporty, sleek at work, you can well pick ready-to-wear line that will perfectly suit him. Get a gift that will help him in his daily life like contemporary clothing or something that will help him in his recreation or relaxation like a CD of soothing songs or challenging puzzle game.

Check out the contemporary style and look that is in. For instance, the distressed, rugged looks (at least in terms of clothes) for men have given way to neat, simple elegant wear, veering more towards the resort look. The new menswear exudes a subtle hint of relaxed, succinct street style. It’s stylish and practical. You may go for t-shirts, elbow length sleeves, shirts with turn up, multi-pocket trousers.

Take the effort to find out what your friend or colleague has been thinking to buy for quite some time, but has been indefinitely postponing the purchase. This well might be a favorite book title or a music CD that he had mentioned as his choice, but is still lacking there in his collection. If your friend or colleague is a ‘do-it-your-self’ type, he no doubt would be happy receiving utilitarian items like a tool kit.

If you want to leave the choice to the receiver, a gift voucher will be a good idea. A majority of shopping chains, stores and malls have on offer attractive Gift Voucher plans.

Hopefully these quick, smart gift ideas will help you make someone special happy.

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