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 PSP: The PlayStationPortable (PSP) packs a punch with its stylish and compact design. The PSP offering magical mobile fun with music, video and gaming abilities, all rolled in one. It would be a perfect gift that takes a leap into a new-age of mobile digital entertainment.

The PSP is an ergonomically fashioned device. It lets the user enjoy gaming-on-the-go. Plus, you can have all your favorite movies and music labels packed in one cute, tiny gadget. You may access your pictures in an instant – anytime and anywhere. Internet features allow you to engage in battles with other players. Slimmer & lighter PSP, the ultimate portable entertainment, comes at Rs 9000. Check PSP and more http://www.sony.co.in

The Palm Treo 680 smartphone: It’s a phone along with e-mail, messaging and web access wherever it’s carried. The user can check contacts; view calendar; store photos, and listen to songs. The applications are easy to use. The design is sleek with a large color touchscreen and an easy-type keyboard. There’s an ‘off’ button, if you feel like staying out of loop. It’s perfect for some work and play at Rs 14,400. Know about more Palm products here http://www.palm.com

A digital camera: For someone who loves shooting, and happens to be more of a casual camera user, what you can look for as a gift is a point-and-shoot kind digital camera available at a reasonable price. One can take family photos to store on their computer; e-mail them to friends and family, and print photos on a home printer.

Features that make a good digital camera are Ultra-slim body; faster shutter speeds; Precision optical Zoom lens; Electronic VR image stabilization for sharper results; Large, bright LCD monitor with wide viewing angle better exposure in lower light; In-Camera Red-Eye There are many reputed brands like Canon (http://www.canon.co.in), Nikon (http://www.nikon.co.in/), Kodak (http://www.kodakindia.com/) available starting from roughly Rs 6,000.

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