The practice of gifting employees is followed by many companies as it helps them in performing better as they know what they are to receive in the end of the day. Some companies don’t mind giving expensive gifts to their employees on basis of their performance as an incentive.

Several companies take people to camps or resorts to revive their spirits and make them feel part of the team. Such team building exercises are considered from a corporate gifting perspective as well. To put it simply, the concept of corporate gifting does aims at breaking barriers and enhancing communication.

However, setting out the objective of your gift giving program in clear terms is very important. Is it to build a healthy working environment or to just give brake to your employees? OR is it both?

Cash awards and generic gift certificates are one of the preferred options because they demand the least amount of preparation on part of employers. But studies in the past have shown that they are remembered for a rather short period of time, whereas the memories of a thoughtful gesture or time spent with other employees and bosses during a company outing, doing some offbeat things like indulging in art or shopping like last for a much longer time.

So, the next time around you are planning for an employee gifting program, be more meticulous! What are the other things to keep in mind? Playing favorites is strict taboo; Employers should not be partial during employee gifting. In other words, the gifts given to all should be of nearly equal value.

Do not confine your imagination within the office walls. In fact, the popular trend is now to gift ‘outdoor visits’, that are well appreciated. So, do try out such idea like even a dancing, painting or singing course to an executive who might be interested in these faculties.

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