Things participating Giftex vendors should keep in mind

Hosting your exciting and eye catching products in an attractive fashion at the Giftex Expo booth is a great way of widening your potential customer base, gaining new customers and building valuable contacts for future. Your product category will be exposed to a wide range of different corporate buyers, keenly interested in your offerings.

The event, as we all know, is dedicated to everything that has to do with corporate gifting. It has on offer a vast range of products from kitchen appliances to small electronics to clothing to just about anything else that you might give a key client or business associate to help attain their goodwill.

For this it is important to have your booth designed well in advance. You have one full day to setup before the event. The venue will be crowded once the fair starts and there’ll be no room to move in decorations once the event begins. So plan out your booth as carefully as you can a day before. Make sure it stands out, as there will be several other vendors vying for the visitors’ attention. Make sure you represent your entire product line. Don’t just have high end or low end products, as the expo serves a diverse customer base. Display a wide range of products to choose from.

You’ll meet people from all sorts of industries from across the country and even abroad. Some customers you’ll meet will be interested in buying a specific gift item, maybe just once. Others will be repeat buyers for years to come. In addition to interacting with the prospective customers, you’ll also be able to grasp valuable business trends by listening to them and observing what other vendors and suppliers are offering. You can even meet competitors, who can become your future allies for mutual benefits. So proactively market your brand. Let your own audience know that you’re going to be at the expo and invite your contacts to come and see your display.

The Giftex Expo promises to be an incredible experience for both vendors and shoppers and is a perfect resource to give the best corporate gifts. It’s a gathering place of everyone who matters in the industry so make the most of it…

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