There’s no such a thing as ideal gift…

In the previous post, we sneaked into marvelous Madhuri’s happy married life. Ram, her husband gives her gift on her birthdays and other special occasions. It does not really matter what the gift is. Madhuri is happy receiving them.

As you would agree, there is no such a thing as perfect gift. Tastes of different persons obviously are different. Also, it all depends on the current state, shade and intensity of your relationship!

Basically speaking, the thoughtful gift is the one that counts and creates a space for you in the person’s mind. If you take the effort to work out what the person is aspiring for, and give a gift accordingly, the price tag won’t matter. It might be a book by the person’s favorite author or his/her favorite singer’s music CD. If the person loves collecting certain memorabilia, you can add to the collection.

With a bit of planning and innovative thinking, you can get a perfect gift that conveys your sentiments and adds value to the relationship. Instead of pushing a rushed delivery of flowers, or last-minute reservation request at a restaurant, think of your gift and locate your favorite romantic spot well in advance for any special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.

A loving husband may opt for a set of soft silk sheets in conventional colors like dark maroon or silver would make a good gift. Dress your bed and decorate a vase on a bedside table with some fresh flowers. When she walks in, she will get a real surprise!

Love charts its own undefined course. Yet you can give a definite direction to it with timely gesture to match your level of involvement and the intensity of your love. 

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