The Time To Watch Out!

rado.jpg A watch may spell w-a-t-c-h to the average Joe, but it spells time, money and respect to the corporate professional. It is a simple gift that does not have to be too expensive and yet will convey all the right intentions. However, it is easy to go wrong with it for it is such a common gift idea many do not give too much thought to it beyond the boring brown or black strapped ones.

When it comes to the dial, choose one with numbers over one with four strokes; it’s more definitive. No one wants to have to try and figure out the strokes on the dial when in a hurry. A big, broad watch with bulky dial and strap is for men only, while women prefer slim or normal-sized ones. Preferably, keep the impressively big watch for your boss and stick to normal-sized ones for your colleagues.

The safe colours are black, brown and navy blue but the textures may not be as boring as the colours sound. You can choose from patent leather to animal skin-embossed leather to felt and suede. An interesting buckle also goes a long way towards making the owner of the watch feel good. When looking to break out of the traditional colour mode, go for different shades of the colours rather than heading straight for the bright. A charcoal black stands out with an interesting texture, a deep cobalt blue looks hip in patent leather; opt for ‘serious’ shades of fun colours like a magenta or deep purple or a dark red. Then your flamboyant colleague can express his personality without stepping out of bounds.

There are various brands available at reasonable prices. So take your time and take your pick, and watch them flaunt their wrists!

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