The fine art of gifting and brand promotion

Gorgeous gifts are a fascinating way of expressing your heartfelt emotions that are pivotal to any business related or organizational activity, going beyond professional means and ends.

Brand managers have realized the immense value that corporate gifting carries in terms of building a strong brand recall, as well as developing relationship based on trust and loyalty amongst the internal and external stakeholders. In the current competitive business marketing dynamics, the concept has indeed evolved fast with innovative corporate gifting ideas coming into play.

Remember, a corporate gift is not only a mere object of appreciation but also a part of your company’s identity that will stay with the people for a long period of time. Treat it as a gesture of gratefulness in order to strike a chord with the potential clients or business stakeholders in the future. The relationship formed thereby is bound to be based on personal rapport and professional trust. Also, on receiving a gift, do not forget to call the person or write a note thanks to him or her rather than promptly sending a return gift.

Corporate gifting is a very popular and effective marketing technique. No surprise, marketing managers allocate certain part of their budget for the activity so as to reap the benefits. At the end, it definitely outweighs the expenses incurred.

You may give a gift card or voucher that will enable the person to shop across quality, branded items. A buyer should be able to select from an attractive product line, such as cosmetics, crockery, dress material, accessories, household appliances, luggage, toys etc. Remember, it’s not about self-indulgence alone; it’s a great feeling of joy that you want to spread with gift cards or vouchers.

More and more businesses now offer lunch vouchers, movie tickets, destination travel to gourmet food hampers, jewelry, besides houseware, home and personal products, table tops as well as gifts & premiums. All it takes is a clever idea with a touch of innovation. In this context, The Giftex Summer Show is an ideal opportunity for exhibitors to find new customers.

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