What are the ethics of corporate gift giving?

Corporate gifts leave behind an indelible mark. Hence, they need to be picked with lot of care. You cannot go ahead and gift something that is just pretty and attractive. It must ideally reflect your company philosophy or your brand image. At the same time, it must be in tune with the philosophy and image of the corporate client you’re planning to gift it to so that latter would well appreciate your gesture and would remember you for a longer time.

Good corporate gifts can be purchased from GIFTEX site which offers variety of gifting resources that range from desk clocks, mouse mats to golf sets, safari trips etc. And very often, discounts can also be availed if bulk orders are made. The site offers immense scope for exclusive and personalized corporate gifts at affordable prices sans compromising with the quality of products.

Of course, personalization holds the key to effective corporate gift giving but it should be considered only when it comes to the really important clients or the really special moments. So if you are trying to entice your new client or mould your difficult boss in your favor or gift the person that was just hired to run your business for you, you can do so by giving them unique gifts.

Spending carefully on corporate gifts could mean a world of difference to how well your business operates, with the best employees, customers and clients remaining steadfastly, something which is very critical, as the market gets more competitive. Such gestures are also a great way of encouraging customers so that they remain loyal to your brand, product or service.

Last but not the least, as important as choosing the right gift is the way you give present it. Remember, gifting is not just about brand recall, it’s about emotions and relations with real people. Make it a point to select a utility item instead of just a luxury gift with high face value but little functionality quotient.

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