Take a cue from Rani Mukerji for a fitness-friendly gift

Take a cue from Rani Mukerji for a fitness-friendly gift In the previous post, we found out Anil Ambani took to weight reduction. By the way, the film, tracing his fat to lean look, is releasing on January 23. It has Bikram Saluja playing the role of Anil Ambani. The film will replicate his younger days, when he tended to be overweight.

In fact, from business to Bollywood and to politics, CEOs, stars and leaders are all striving to get fit. For all those who chided Rani Mukerji for her being overweight, there is a surprise. She has her strong riposte ready.

The actor looked slimmer, the audiences would have noticed, in a ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ song sequence. She indeed has lost about three kilos. This is because she is religiously and regularly sweating it out in the gym six days a week for over an hour.

Media reports also suggest that Rani does at least three days of weight training followed by three days of yoga to burn fat. She wants to get fitter to get into the shoes, literally of a cricket coach in her new project with Yash Raj Films. Working out is not the only thing that she is doing to get a leaner body. Also on her agenda is diet control.

Quoting sources, the news report states that Rani Mukerji is on a ‘no oil, no sugar’ diet. Butter, cheese, chocolates are taboo. Salads and juice form part of her controlled diet that would not build any fat in her body. Rani has sought the help of Satyajit Chourasia, who trained Aamir Khan to secure that stunning body in ‘Ghajini’.

Here is a cue for you. If you have a friend, relative or a colleague who has a tendency to put on weight fast irrespective of their diet habits and lifestyle, you can gift them some healthy eating books, low-fat food or exercise tools. You can help them in their quest to maintain themselves that much more.

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