Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Dancing Leaf

Choose from the finest teas with Dancing Leaf.

Dancing leaf is all about the fine art of tea. Our belief is that tea is a ritual – the aromas & flavours brew together creating a melody to both calm & invigorate you. As tea connoisseurs, we have employed our expertise to craft a range of exclusive teaware which enhance your experience. This unique collection is curated, quality checked & recommended by us as the perfect complement to your cup.

Find Gourmet Teas,Teawares and Wedding and Seasonal Offerings for corporate gifting,baby showers and restaurant tie-ups

Make fine tea your corporate gift with Dancing Leaf. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at

Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Tea Culture of the World

Make fine tea your corporate gift with Tea Culture of the World.

Tea Culture of the World aims to bring a unique all rounded tea experience by acquainting you with everything tea – from recipes and tea accessories to tales about the luxury leaves.

In a country that wholeheartedly welcomes every season and reason for celebration, we at Tea Culture of the World, have concocted a moment of indulgence. Savour the finest whole leaf teas blended to perfection to enchant the refined palate. Incredible taste blends with elite artistry and a dash of passion, to create a moment that begins with wonder and prevails forever. Inspired from Indian Heritage with elements from across the world, we have fashioned exquisite designer packaging that will enthral you.  We also pioneer in custom-made tea gifting that will be treasure for a lifetime.

Tea Culture of the World is the entrepreneurial venture of Dr. Rupali Ambegaonkar started under Iron Buddha Company (now known as TCW TEA PVT LTD). TCW brings the rarest of teas from 7 countries and 4 continents across the world in a cup. The company aims to offer a wide collection of exquisite blends to suit every mood and palate.

Make fine tea your corporate gift with Tea Culture of the World. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at

Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Newby Teas 

Choose from the range of exotic teas with Newby Teas.

About Newby Teas 

Newby Teas is the most awarded international brand in high-end luxury tea, with more than 150 tea championships to their credit. The company is committed to the preservation of not only the character of the teas, but also its history, culture and art.

At Newby, quality and food safety is the number one priority. That’s why only the finest prime season teas are selected from known producers. Expert tasters sample thousands of grades and send them to master tea taster for selection. Only after their approval, teas will be procured and bear the Newby name.

When founding Newby Teas, Mr. N. K. Sethia was determined to solve the problem of the negative impact on quality arising from poor and delayed handling. Newby’s world-leading, unique preservation, storage, blending and packing facility in Kolkata was designed. After the purchase tea is promptly shipped direct to the facility for preservation, blending and sealing. The facility is strategically located in the middle of all the tea prime growing regions of the world, thus reducing transit time. Once at the facility, teas are packed in specially designed multi-layer packaging, ensuring that the tea inside arrives in the cup at its very best. The multi-functional protection keeps light, heat, moisture and odours at bay, all of which can adversely affect teas transported in less considered conditions.

At Newby, Food safety is of utmost importance as well. Any tea being its name has undergone stringent tests of International Standard. Its products not only comply to FSSAI but also to the stringent EU MRL standards. Its production facility is BRC “AA”, ISO 22000 and HACCP certified – all indication our commitment to food safety.

Newby is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership; a global organisation committed to improving the lives and environment of tea workers throughout the world and shares the ETP’s aims of making tea production better, fairer and more environmentally sustainable. Newby Teas are also Halal are Kosher certified. 


Find an array of options in exotic teas to make your corporate gifts. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at

Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Exalté Tea – Palate of Divine Teas

Make tea your corporate gift with Exalté Tea at Giftex 2018

Exalté Tea shares its passion of enjoying good quality leaf teas with customers who believe in delightful tea drinking experience and do not want to compromise on quality.

We offer gourmet, handcrafted teas – Black, White, Green, Herbal and Oolong teas. We offer high grade, loose leaf teas. The teas are with natural ingredients with pure, natural goodness and no artificial flavouring. We offer nothing but the best tasting tea leaves possible. To make the tea drinking experience more enjoyable and a ceremony in itself, we offer exquisite, variety of tea accessories like tea infusers, infuser bottle, glass kettles and handmade exclusive ceramic teaware.

We offer customized gifting solutions for all occasions. Just specify your requirement to us, we will do the rest.

We fulfill the tea requirement of cafes, hotels, corporates, subscription boxes and all tea lovers. Whether you are stocking your office or home or you are looking for the perfect corporate gift, we are here to help.

Explore the best tea producing regions with us as we exhibit at India’s premier corporate gifting show – Giftex. From 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.