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How Big Is Corporate Gifting Industry?

Corporate gifting industry is continuously growing considering the added occasions like promotions, job anniversaries, company anniversaries, and more. If we talk about stats, the average market of corporate gifting is worth ₹ 12,000.  With a significant growth chart, it marks over 150% growth per annum. The corporate gifting industry is Read more…

Corporate Gifting

Spotlight on upcoming GIFTEX exhibition

Wholesalers and retailers of Gifts, Stationery and Home Products are amongst India’s most versatile entrepreneurs who do multiple businesses, depending on the season, right from school supplies to office stationery, greeting cards, gifts and houseware. These traders have an uncanny business ability to change with the seasons. Set-up and nurtured by Giftex, these entrepreneurs visit the exhibition looking for new products, services and networking opportunities. (more…)