Fountains make a fabulous New Year gift

In this blog post, we try to see out how to help your friend or colleague to make his home or office settings more beautiful.Water, as all of us are aware of, is considered to form the true ‘essence of life’. It’s the ‘serene spirit of life forces. The same finds apt expression in modern designs. Fabulous fountains – outdoor and indoor – offer a captivating connection to nature and infuse calmness. Read More

Etiquettes of greeting and gift giving in the UK

Let us follow some important gift giving etiquette norms in the country. The British people tend to exchange gifts quite frequently between close friends and family members on personal and social festive occasions like Christmas. However, giving and receiving gifts is not a common practice of British business culture. Continue reading

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Santa: the Patron of Giving

Santa Claus is an icon of peace, joy and happiness, who enlivens our minds and hearts. He lives in the hearts of those who believe in virtues of giving and spreading happiness. Hence, gifting is something that is closely associated with the festival of Christmas. Continue reading

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