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Choose smiles over products!

In today’s consumer market, brands have to work hard to stand out from the rest. Over the years, the market has seen a stagnating trend that has made it difficult for every brand to earn more market share.

Sometimes in a bid to create innovative ways to spread awareness about our products, we forget the main principle at play here – the customers do not look forward to seeing your ads.

We all know that watching ads gets annoying and disrupts user experience, regardless of the platform. Ask yourself the question – “Is this my customer wants to see?” Repeatedly displaying ads or spamming creates a negative image of your brand in the minds of the consumer.

According to a study conducted by YouGov (an internet-based market research firm in the UK), 91% of people say ads are more intrusive today than 2-3 years ago.

To change this consumer perspective, we need to tilt the objective a little. Instead oftrying to keep reminding the audience about your product, the brands should focus on creating a positive impact in their minds with as less intrusion as possible.

With practices like social listening, brands can draw basic conclusions to determine the value of the brand in the eyes of the consumer. The communication should then be aimed at getting them to relate and connect with the brand.

Instead of pushing products blindly at the consumers, if the brands were to gift them a feeling, the message will have more potential and a better recall value. And if you do it right, your message can even bring a smile to your consumers. This ‘smile’ should be the definitive goal for any brand.There may be several innovative ways to do this but creative gifts are one of the most efficient ways to leave a positive impression.

According to a study conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), after receiving a promotional product, a consumer is 85% more likely to do business with the advertiser.Corporate gifting is sure to spread smiles without annoying the consumer with invasive messaging. And because a gift holds some utility, they will perceive it as more valuable than a typical advertisement and feel obliged the brand.

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