Choosing Corporate Gifts Made Easy

Plan your corporate gifts prior to festive season with Giftex App.

Diwali is just 8 weeks away. As the festive season appears closer, you are reminded with a list of to-do things. Along with the celebrations festivals comes a task of organizing various things including, holidays, office parties and corporate gifts. Corporate gifts form an important part of the client relationship as well as the employee encouragement.

The company sends out corporate gifts to its clients as a gesture of thanks to celebrate the festival together and to its employees as a token of appreciation. It isn’t a secret that these gifts are enhanced with placing branding of the giver’s company. Corporate gifts have become a face of promotional products and thus form an important part of promotional marketing.

Giftex being a pioneer show in corporate gifting for past three decades brings the best of the data at your convenience. You can now find around 50,000 products and 150 exclusive brands and distributors available to you at a tap. All you need to do is download the official Giftex App. This app helps you to find the leading manufacturers, distributors and brands in corporate gifting industry. Also, it makes the selection and process of order placement simpler.

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It’s A Wrap!

Giftex 2018 show wraps up with a tremendously positive response.

Gifting never goes out of fashion. Occasions and reasons keep adding in and corporate gifting is one such important segment added to the modern-day gifting industry. Corporate gifting is a serious business and a crucial part of indirect promotions. Be it a startup or MNC, corporate gifts are an inevitable part of the networking, relation maintenance and employee appreciation process. And Giftex is proud to be a part of your journey from finding the right gift to giving you different branding options, for past 30 years.

Giftex 2018, the 31st edition of Giftex was held from 2nd to 5th August at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. The show saw an overwhelming response from quality visitors and leading manufacturers and suppliers in the corporate gifting industry. A major increase in attendees from event and media agencies was observed pertaining to the fact that they curate the corporate gifts for MNCs and corporates. Around 150 exhibitors including Indian and International brands, niche product brands, startups, non-profit organizations and handicrafts manufacturers were a part of Giftex 2018. Around 15,000 visitors were present at the event during the four days.

Giftex is the only one of its kind of an expo, which has been ceaselessly researching and adapting the new age technology to promote the exhibitors, reach more of the targeted audience and make your corporate gifting experience a cake walk. In order to provide the visitors with powerful insights into the exhibitor’s information, various media campaigns were delivered including SMS, WhatsApp, Emailers and Voice blasts. This helped both exhibitors to get the right kind of audience to their stall and the visitors to plan their visit effortlessly.

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We hope to see you next year at Giftex 2018, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.



Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – RAMA’S

Make fine sweets and chocolates your corporate gifts with Rama’s.

RAMA’S takes pride in being one of the selected manufacturers of the finest  sweets and chocolates in Mumbai. Our success in our existing products, however has not stopped us from continuous innovation and improvement. Our latest introduction is our range of Guilt Free Sweets specifically for customers who are diabetic and health conscious.

With Shops in 4 premium locations ,One can choose from our huge bouquet of offerings – from gifts for your loved ones to mark those special moments, to classy corporate gifts, from marketing campaigns to products launches. Whatever the  occasion, planned or unplanned , we have eye catching ideas and incentives to cover every event, every occasion and every budget.

Make fine sweets and chocolates your corporate gifts. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at

Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Dancing Leaf

Choose from the finest teas with Dancing Leaf.

Dancing leaf is all about the fine art of tea. Our belief is that tea is a ritual – the aromas & flavours brew together creating a melody to both calm & invigorate you. As tea connoisseurs, we have employed our expertise to craft a range of exclusive teaware which enhance your experience. This unique collection is curated, quality checked & recommended by us as the perfect complement to your cup.

Find Gourmet Teas,Teawares and Wedding and Seasonal Offerings for corporate gifting,baby showers and restaurant tie-ups

Make fine tea your corporate gift with Dancing Leaf. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at

Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Tea Culture of the World

Make fine tea your corporate gift with Tea Culture of the World.

Tea Culture of the World aims to bring a unique all rounded tea experience by acquainting you with everything tea – from recipes and tea accessories to tales about the luxury leaves.

In a country that wholeheartedly welcomes every season and reason for celebration, we at Tea Culture of the World, have concocted a moment of indulgence. Savour the finest whole leaf teas blended to perfection to enchant the refined palate. Incredible taste blends with elite artistry and a dash of passion, to create a moment that begins with wonder and prevails forever. Inspired from Indian Heritage with elements from across the world, we have fashioned exquisite designer packaging that will enthral you.  We also pioneer in custom-made tea gifting that will be treasure for a lifetime.

Tea Culture of the World is the entrepreneurial venture of Dr. Rupali Ambegaonkar started under Iron Buddha Company (now known as TCW TEA PVT LTD). TCW brings the rarest of teas from 7 countries and 4 continents across the world in a cup. The company aims to offer a wide collection of exquisite blends to suit every mood and palate.

Make fine tea your corporate gift with Tea Culture of the World. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at

Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Newby Teas 

Choose from the range of exotic teas with Newby Teas.

About Newby Teas 

Newby Teas is the most awarded international brand in high-end luxury tea, with more than 150 tea championships to their credit. The company is committed to the preservation of not only the character of the teas, but also its history, culture and art.

At Newby, quality and food safety is the number one priority. That’s why only the finest prime season teas are selected from known producers. Expert tasters sample thousands of grades and send them to master tea taster for selection. Only after their approval, teas will be procured and bear the Newby name.

When founding Newby Teas, Mr. N. K. Sethia was determined to solve the problem of the negative impact on quality arising from poor and delayed handling. Newby’s world-leading, unique preservation, storage, blending and packing facility in Kolkata was designed. After the purchase tea is promptly shipped direct to the facility for preservation, blending and sealing. The facility is strategically located in the middle of all the tea prime growing regions of the world, thus reducing transit time. Once at the facility, teas are packed in specially designed multi-layer packaging, ensuring that the tea inside arrives in the cup at its very best. The multi-functional protection keeps light, heat, moisture and odours at bay, all of which can adversely affect teas transported in less considered conditions.

At Newby, Food safety is of utmost importance as well. Any tea being its name has undergone stringent tests of International Standard. Its products not only comply to FSSAI but also to the stringent EU MRL standards. Its production facility is BRC “AA”, ISO 22000 and HACCP certified – all indication our commitment to food safety.

Newby is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership; a global organisation committed to improving the lives and environment of tea workers throughout the world and shares the ETP’s aims of making tea production better, fairer and more environmentally sustainable. Newby Teas are also Halal are Kosher certified. 


Find an array of options in exotic teas to make your corporate gifts. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at

Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Wellness Vibe

Discover the unique range of health products by Wellness Vibe.

 Wellness Vibe – Swasthaya Ki Tarang.

Wellness Vibe specializes in health and wellness related products. We at Wellness Vibe focus on developing products to detox your body and helps in maintaining overall health and wellness. With an experience of over a decade, our products majorly cater to science of sound therapy and metallurgy (from Ayurveda Perspective).

About Ayur Gong (Trade Mark)- 

Ayur Gongs have become more popular in the current high-tech age across worldwide. They are handmade made from Bronze based on Ayurveda and NADA Principles, with different sizes (6 inch to 30 inch) Desk gong to Maharaja Gong . In History , they have used for Celebration , Wars and Raja’s sabha or official activities .

Gong are mainly used for Stress Release,Sense of Clarity, Boost Creativity and Space Clearing in Vastu related areas.

It has resulted in productivity, innovation and creativity at work spaces. Normally kept at reception and meeting areas for effective decision making. Branding & Promotions are newly found areas of corporate usages.

Our GONG Sound, Typically, maintains heart rate and breath is restored to its natural rhythm. The gong induces a holistic resonance in the body and a spontaneous meditative state in the mind, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and wholeness. It reduces cortisol which effectively helps in great sense of wellness & improve immune system.

The Sound & Vibration of a Ayur Gong is a powerful method for reducing stress, anxiety & balances human behaviour. The gong creates sound that is profoundly relaxing, calming and gives soothing effect.

About Wellness Copper Water Bottle (Trade Marked):

Wellness Copper Water Bottle is a Hand crafted joint less 100% pure copper bottles with different size, shape & colours.

It has long term Shining completely coated, leak proof, & light weighted antibacterial product.

It is eco-freindly, natural & certified product. We are serving a good product with unique packaging including 6 month warranty.

Pure Copper as a Metal is considered an essential mineral for our body. Its helps cleansing and detox  our stomach to ensure proper elimination of waste and harmful products. It is helpful for liver and kidney functioning. As per Ayurveda, ‘Tamra jal’ (Water stored in a copper vessel) help for balancing triddosha ‘Vata,Pitta,kapha’ in our body. It makes the water alkaline.

Help for weight loss, prevent & reduce joint pain, maintains good digestion and help to reduce disorders of digestive system. It is increase the resistance power in human body.

These are meant to keep only water. Avoid contact from fire and do not freeze otherwise can damage the product. We believe in building Trust by catering certified and value based product.This product having value for your money.

Discover our unique range of health products to make your corporate gifts. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at







Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – GOURMET COMPANY

Choose from the range of finest gourmet hampers with Gourmet Company.

About Us

Founded in 2011, Gourmet Company is a one-stop online destination for a wide range of gourmet gift hampers .We carry a variety of different gift hampers for every occasion. Each of the products you find in our hampers, are selected & hand-picked by our team from recognized international brands as well as Indian manufacturers.

Gourmet Company

We are an Online Gourmet Gifting Company. We make Exclusive and Designer Gift Hampers with Exquisite products.

We have wide varieties of hampers for every occasions & Festivals.

Gourmet Company is the perfect choice for any Occasion, Birthdays,

Wedding, Anniversaries, Housewarming, and Corporate Gifting. We make customized hampers according to your choice.

Thinking about Gifting Think about Gourmet Company!

Some of Our Bestselling Hampers Are:

1. Chocolate Lovers Crate

2. Gourmet Surprise

3. Fit & Healthy Hamper

4. Coffee Hamper

Find the finest customized gourmet hampers to giveaway as your corporate gifts. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at





Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Flintstop

Make innovative ideas your corporate gift with Flintstop.

We, at Flintstop are India’s fastest growing promotional merchandise company. We try to identify daily problems and build products around it.

We import and invent products which have a high recall value and are also of great utility.

We can also convert an idea into a product with all the possibilities of customisation on it!

We have more than 2400 hundred products in multiple categories like Tech, Travel, Stationery, Home Decor, Bar and Toys. Some of our esteemed clients include Edelweiss, Sunpharma, Aditya Birla, SIEMENS, GSK, Etihad Airways, Godrej, WeWork and GroupM to name a few

Featured Product Write Up

Leather Diary with 5000 mAh Powerbank

–        Carry a classy Leather Diary with an inbuilt 5000 mAh Powerbank

Aeroplane Clock

–        Amazing desktop utility product with a clock

Logo Light Pen

–        Show off your company branding and also personalize your initials on the pen

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock and LED Touch Lamp

–        Bluetooth Speaker with an Alarm Clock and adjustable lamp


Vada Pav Paperweight

–        Well, this looks like a real Vada Pav but Is actually a moulded paperweight

Wooden book lamp

–        Carry a light source with you wherever you go! It’s not just a book, but also a Lamp

Wooden Golf Kit

–        Best Corporate give away for senior-level positions

Just stick Desktop Organizer

–        This is an electromagnetic board where you can put your visiting cards and other important office supplies


–        Stay away from the Harmful radiations of the Laptop.

Little Man Tea Infuser

–        This cute tea infuser is quirky and a stylish way of infusing your tea

Newton’s Cradle

–        Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s law of motion is proved by this amazing table top product

Oreo Cup Warmer

–        Do you face the same problem where you coffee becomes cold? This Cookie cup warmer will make sure that this doesn’t happen

1o in 1 office combo

–        Have 10 stationery items in 1 product. No need to buy a separate stapler, puncher, measuring tape, Ruler, Sharpener, Pen Stand, Sharpner, Clip filer etc

Programmable Fan

–        Customise the branding on this fan with a LED message with your company name

Led Badges

–        Wear a LED Badge on your shirt and show off your branding

To find more such interesting products visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at

Giftex 2018 Exhibitor – Flavoursome Chocolates

Choose from the range of finest handmade chocolates with Flavoursome Chocolates.

“Anything is good if it’s made out of chocolate.”

Jo Brand

Bang on!!! What better way to express my feelings. I really can’t begin to describe my deep, deep love for chocolates. It’s just the best thing that you wanna buy. The best thing that god has ever created. Smooth, melt in the mouth, luxuriant, silky, heavenly and bliss. Chocolate is the only thing that satiates our heart, soul and senses. Whenever I enter a chocolate shop, the immediate instinct is to buy dozens and dozens of chocolates. Well I certainly do that! 😉

And no matter how much food goes in the tummy, there is always a room for little chocolate. No doubt in it! Well this will go on and on and on….


Coming to my journey as a homemade flavored chocolate maker, it goes way back to the year 2008. I still remember the very first experience of making the chocolate. Honestly, it was hell and a mess. Trust me! But there is a great saying, “All well that ends well!” The outcome was thrilling yet peaceful. That very moment I had decided, if there is any happiness in this world, it’s in making chocolates for your loved ones.


Only chocolate has the power to excite us and is something that you can never have enough of it. It lightens your mood and gives that kick start. This belief has inspired me to endeavour new things and new flavours. I had tried many new flavours and will keep trying for more.


Ten years back what had started as a sweet little attempt, has taken the shape of a company today. All the credit goes to my friends and family for continuously supporting and motivating me. It feels so ecstatic and content. The one thing I would like to express is I am sharing my passion for chocolates off the streets and can see the transformation on people’s face when they feel the taste and give their feedback.


May god give me all the strength to keep giving my best shot and make people feel delighted and cheerful. On this note, I would conclude by saying,


“If there’s no chocolate in the heaven, I am not going there.”

Jean Seabrook, Furry Logic Laugh at Life

Find an array of options in handmade chocolates to make your corporate gifts with Flavoursome Chocolates. Visit us at Giftex, 2nd to 5th August, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. You can now pre-registered for Giftex 2018 and get your free VIP pass at