Social gifting is the new buzz

A handful of Web-based avenues including Facebook have been working hard over the last several months to build and leverage a new form of business now popularly called social gifting. The social media giant saw enough scope that it decided to snap up Karma, a startup, and enhanced it further into Facebook Gifts. It now serves as a way for its billion-plus users to send across a gift to a friend, whether it’s an iTunes gift card, any item of clothing or a bottle of wine. Read More

Why shopping and gifting is moving into Web realm?

Answer to above question is obvious: it saves time! Money can also be saved – think about the travel expenses you would be saving by simply clicking a button on your computer. It might seem like nothing to you now, but think of it in the long run. And it is just as easy to get it delivered to the recipient as it is when you are shopping personally.
Ever increasing work pressures, long commutes, traffic snarls, and parking problems are some of the reasons that are driving more people towards the convenient option of online browsing and shopping. Read More

Corporate gifting during festivals helps build business relations.

Festivals in India are just as vibrant as its enchanting cultural fabric. It’s the best opportunity to strengthen relationships, create a sense of bonding, and garner goodwill – the perfect time for corporate entities to uplift the spirit of their people and business associates as they are all eager to celebrate one festival or the other. Continue reading

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Spread cheer with bright gift ideas

Despite gifting assuming an important place in the customer relations management plans of many multi-national companies, a few Indian companies are still hesitant and unsure. Yet the optimism about the corporate gifts business is born out of two developments. One, the growth in the pharmaceutical industry – which is the single largest consumer of corporate gifts; and secondly growth of retail chains leading to increasing customer focus. Continue reading

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