India’s thriving towns will prompt strategic shift for gifting industry

From durables to falling realty market, from credit cards to personal loans, time-share holiday plans to cars, almost all products and services are keen to woo the ‘other (untapped) India’ as agriculture-based income and apparent insulation from unreliable equity market variables definitely makes this buyers’ segment so much less unaffected by the prolonged slowdown. Read More

Ravishing gift range from Relic

The gifting product you pick should meet your client’s status and position. Another important criterion for choosing a corporate gift is its utility. Promotional products like desktop articles, pens, t-shirts, bags are most effective because of their utility to a broader category of people like housewives, professionals, students and so on. Relic Corporation specializes in providing custom gifting solutions with the companies need in mind. Read More

Exclusive skin treatment packages as a gift

Constantly striving balancing work life and home, her own needs and that of her family’s, modern mothers often are left with little or no time for themselves. In fact, they just forget to look after themselves, and this inadvertently shows on their face. So apart from gifting her expensive gadgets, designer wear and precious diamonds on this Mother’s Day, you might well pamper her with a luxuriating and exclusive skin treatment package, to bring back the missing glow on her face. Read More