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A box of sweets? Leather-bound Planners? A box of dry-fruits? Corporate gifting can be an automated response but it can also be very meaningful and personalized. We are here to talk about the latter. As the festive season approaches and corporate types wonder what this year’s gifts should look like, Tatva Yog would like to introduce its range of customizable gifts.

Tatva Yog’s range of corporate gifts include fragrance sticks specifically dedicated to Gods and fragrances that activate energy centers located within the body. We also have Yantras that offer long-term benefits for business and personal well-being. Each of which can be customized to the business and person. For example, an attractive gift pack with the Laxmi Yantra and incense sticks dedicated to the Goddess of Wealth can be an unique gifting option for banks and financial institutions. Gifting typically combines dharma, artha and kama which refer to deeds, materials and desires. But when your gifts are of a spiritual nature, you are giving a truly priceless thing – an intensely personal experience that can’t be replicated or substituted by material things. More than a gift-wrapped message, it is a statement that can’t be got off the shelves.

Tatva Yog develops products for everyday spiritual use. From Yantras to Incense sticks to beautifully crafted spiritual books, Tatva Yog products make perfect gifting options for corporate and personal needs. They take you down the path and point out the way towards realizing the Parmatma or Supreme Energy.

Every religion tries to convey this concept. It relies on communicating the subtler aspects of the Divine through three components – rituals, cultural and spiritual. Rituals including ceremonies relating to birth, marriage and death are important constituents of all faiths. They deal with physical aspects of worshipping, remembering and paying respect. Culture springs from the way of life, and its nature hinges a great deal on heritage and environment. It is rooted in the land where the faithful congregate and draws a great deal from the local way of living. There is scope for differences only in rituals and culture. Since they are largely products of the land and mind. The spiritual element helps us overcome conflicts arising out of differences between the two. The spiritual aspect is free of all differences and so is able to help us direct our mind towards the Parmatma.

Tatva Yog products are suitable for seekers at different stages of their journey. From those who have yet to begin to those near realization. Tatva Yog’s incense sticks, for example, have been well-researched and have fragrances that are created for specific Gods and each of our eight main energy centers, also known as Chakras. When you sit down for meditation or offer a simple prayer to your favourite God, light up one of His exclusively created Agarbattis. Also light a related Agarbatti for the Chakra to reboot it will enhance your spiritual experience. Know more about spirituality and how Tatva Yog’s range of spiritual products can help you in your journey. Sign up for our updates at www.tatvayog.com


Meet and network with Tatvayog and many more companies at Giftex 2017. Giftex has been a premier exhibition in providing solutions to all the corporate gifting issues since three decades. Visit Giftex 2017 from 28 – 31 July at Nehru Center, Worli to experience the Indian corporate gifting industry.

Visit bit.ly/Giftex2017 to get your visitor’s badge or call us on 022-22075256/57/58. For any queries email us at admin@giftex.in

Olha-O at Giftex 2016

Olha-O, a brand of Ethical & Sustainable Young Indian Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd., is a name that brings you a host of beautiful handcrafted products that will not only catch your eye but will make your heart skip a beat as well. Made of bell metal, they represent Dhokra Art, which is a very exquisite art form handmade by the tribal artisans from the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. By promoting this art form, we have embarked upon the journey of offering the world some unique handcrafted products that also provide better economic opportunities to the master craftsmen behind them.



If you look closely, you will discover that our wide range of products includes home décor, wall décor, table and floor décor, kitchen and dining décor and other interesting utilities that will surely find a unique place in a space you like and your heart as well.

Based in the heritage city of Jaipur, our sole aim is to offer unique handcrafted wall décor products, home accessories, corporate gifts, wedding gifts and the likes.With the festive season just around the corner, we would like you to have a look at our range of handcrafted products that will convey your feelings with a touch of fine elegance.So please come and explore the exclusive range of our ethnic products that will add a touch of Indian heritage to your lifestyle. And to do so, what’s a better platform than Giftex? Because it’s here that like-minded people come together and work towards a common goal.

Blog Post by : Olha-O

Please visit Olha-O at stall # 148 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit www.giftex.in or call us on 022-22075256/57

Get Ambrane…Be charged!!!!

Portable chargers the best suit for gifting aisle. Ambrane an insignia for powerbanks, Trusted by Millions of Customers, committed to serve their happy customers since 2012.Ambrane Power Bank is a best solution for power deprived gadgets.

Now a days corporates are inclined towards the latest technological products for gifting options. Power bank would be the best choice for corporate gifting as everyone is looking for such kind of utility products for gift that gives remarkable impact of course gives life to all the technological gadgets they carry.

Giftex, providing us Grand Avenue for powerbanks to explore Ambrane to visitants in the exhibition. Ambrane has wide range of powerbanks, with battery capacity starts from 2000mAh to 16750mAh. All Ambrane collectibles are available in elegant designs and exquisite structures. NCN and Skilled India confer their awards to Ambrane for Best Innovative product of 2016 and the best Innovative Idea of powerbank respectively. Corporate gifting market grapples powerbanks as the best match for their purpose. Ambrane powerbanks never let you run out of power and always keep you connected. It is the best companion for your Smartphone while you are working or on the go. Ambrane is going to exhibit lot more new corporate appealing product range in powerbanks and Bluetooth speakers.


Product Description

Ambrane India one of the leading IT brands in computer peripherals, Mobile Accessories and No. 1 in Power Banks* with a passion to bring innovative products, introduces its latest 10000mAh which comes in the distinctive cubical shape, book shape design, with range of stylish color, best coordinated with your Tech accessories & also matching your personal style. Model named as P-1100 equipped with indicative digital display, and dual output charging facility, 5V competency with 1A and 2.1A stipulation. It got charged with 5V/1A DC supply also adhere with torch light. Just pick it up, pop it in your bag and go anywhere – making it great for those on the go!


-: Guest Blog by : Ambrane India :-

Please visit Ambrane at stall # 153 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit www.giftex.in or call us on 022-22075256/57

New Website Launch: Giftex

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new enhanced website as off 23rd May, 2016. Please visit www.giftex.in  to experience the change.



Our objective with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to be updated with the current trends and updates in Corporate Gifting and Promotional Merchandise industry. The new website is interactive and gives better access to search the information about the Giftex and Giftex Exhibitors. Our Corporate/Retailer clients can register themselves online as visitor for Giftex Exhibition. We continue to have online registration option available for exhibitors.

Along with the new design, the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest and LinkedIn to cultivate enhanced communication with our partners and clients. Also we have provided the option to download registration forms, Giftex 2015 Exhibition reports directly from website. We will be regularly updating our content with helpful information, articles, blogs, newsletters, company announcements and client achievements in the testimonials section.

We hope you will like our new website with fresh and modern look. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please E-mail us at: admin@giftex.in

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