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How Big Is Corporate Gifting Industry?

Corporate gifting industry is continuously growing considering the added occasions like promotions, job anniversaries, company anniversaries, and more. If we talk about stats, the average market of corporate gifting is worth ₹ 12,000.  With a significant growth chart, it marks over 150% growth per annum. The corporate gifting industry is spreading its wings in both horizontal and vertical directions in terms of categories and general outcome. This has lead to many major players jump in this market with the best of their sources.  Right now the corporate gifting industry is divided in to two main categories that are Product Gifting and Experience Gifting.

Some of the major players in corporate gifting industry are from food, promotional products, apparel, gadget, home & lifestyle décor and stationery. Some new players like eco friendly products are also entering the league pertaining to the needs of market. Also, some of the prominent sectors to be named in corporate gifting industry are Finance, IT, Insurance, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality and Media. Whereas, the prominent seasons giving boom to the corporate gifting sector are Diwali, New Year and Christmas.

Being the first one to come up with the concept of India’s first ever B2B corporate gifting exhibition, Giftex has been the torchbearer in setting path for the growth of this industry. Giftex has been in the marked for past three decades and is a benchmark in measuring the rise of gifting industry. The shift of the corporate industries from stationeries to gadgets and from handicrafts to the fine jewellery, Giftex has always believed in bringing in new concepts to the gifting industry in corporate sector.

Create your recognizable space in corporate gifting industry as you exhibit at Giftex Book your stall Now – For more details call 022-22075256 / 57/ 58


Rangoli Enterprises at Giftex 2016

Rangoli Enterprises is a well-known of the exclusive corporate gifts in New Delhi, India. Offering a whole set of Calendar Company primarily engaged in the designing, manufacturing and exporting of calendars, Diaries, 3D Pictures, God Picture Frame Exclusive 24Kt Gold Picture and Corporate Gifts.

We are one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies, facilitating its precious customers and clients with best of the services. Rangoli Enterprises will address your specific needs, whether that’s marketing, branding, fundraising, reselling or a combination of each. Our personalized Calendars enhanced the exquisiteness of offices and at the same time also branding you name to the others.

With more than 5 years of experience in this field, we provide our customers not only an exceptionally high quality service, but reasonable prices as well. We are specialists in the production of various types of Corporate Gifts. In addition, if you have any special requirement or specifications, we can also customize products to meet your needs carefully. We are full service with print and novelties solutions provider with extensive experience in the Corporate Gifting space. Over the years we have grown from strength-to-strength and established an excellent team of professionals.



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Please visit Rangoli Enterprises at stall # 146 & 147 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57/58

Exalté Tea – Palate of Divine Teas

Exalté Tea shares its passion of enjoying good quality leaf teas with customers who believe in delightful tea drinking experience and do not want to compromise on quality.

We offer gourmet, handcrafted teas – Black, White, Green, Herbal and Oolong teas. We offer high grade, loose leaf teas. The teas are with natural ingredients with pure, natural goodness and no artificial flavoring. We offer nothing but the best tasting tea leaves possible. To make the tea drinking experience more enjoyable and a ceremony in itself, we offer exquisite, variety of tea accessories like tea infusers, infuser bottle, glass kettles and handmade exclusive ceramic teaware.


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We offer customized gifting solutions for all occasions. Just specify your requirement to us, we will do the rest.

We fulfill the tea requirement of cafes, hotels, corporates, subscription boxes and all tea lovers. Whether you are stocking your office or home or you are looking for the perfect corporate gift, we are here to help.

Explore the best tea producing regions with us.


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Please visit Exalté Tea at stall # 20 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57/58



Ahura Support Group at Giftex 2016

Ahura Support a registered non- profit organization. It was an endeavour started by like minded families of mentally and developmentally challenged children and adults.

We would like to throw light on Ahura Support & its special efforts for the benefit of families with persons who are mentally and developmentally challenged. While the challenge of early intervention education and training has been met by many institutions in the city, very little has been done for adults who are differently abled. These individuals face problems like exclusion, isolation and the possibility of having no one to look after them when their parents age or are no more there to care for them. Ahura Support has decided to embrace this challenge to try and create a home for these members of society within the ever embracing city of Mumbai.

We started off at a small club house at Rustom Baug, Byculla one Sunday a month. Here one Sunday a month we would organise lectures, counselling and therapy sessions by experts in various fields, Professional Therapists and doctors for parents with differently abled members in their family. While the children and adults were kept engaged games and other recreational activities organised for them. In addition to being fun, these activities in some way improved the participants, cognitive, social, motor skills. These activities were organized to help parents not only understand the disorders better but also create a support group or support system for both parent & child.



We saw our first step and initiative come alive before our eyes with the start of our Day Care Centre at Gamdevi Road. We cater to adults & adolescents. Parents send their children to the center 5 days a week where they are kept organized in multiple activities. Our work is predominantly vocational based. We produce multiple items that are made by these adults to be sold. Some of our products include, Assorted Candles, Household Products and Decorations, Envelopes, Items with Block Print, including Trays, Coasters & Gift/Jewellery Boxes. Based on the type and amount of work done, each attendee is given a minimal stipend at the end of every month. The idea of receiving a cheque is motivational and therapeutic for these individuals in the most unimaginable way. It gives them an overall feeling of self-worth and achievement. This eventually gives them a sense of inclusion into the society at large.

We are currently in the process of setting up a residential facility for these individuals. We aim to provide them a home when they have no home to call their own. For more information & donations contact us at:

Ahura Support Day Care Center

Eerani House Dharamshala

26, Pundita Ramabai Marg


Mumbai 400 007

Phone: 022-23800317

Thank you


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Please visit Ahura Support Group at stall # 95 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57

DNV Creations at Giftex 2016

DNV Creations is a manufacturer of flexible wood veneer and plywood boxes and other items. We customize and provide our clients with superior quality novel products. We work closely with our clients and various brands to create a unique specialized wooden packaging option which add value to their products.

Our packaging options are eco friendly and they are reusable since nobody likes to throw away our boxes! We have options of printing, hot stamping & laser engraving for branding and personalization.



With our highly specialized team in place we can create packaging options for virtually almost every product. We have also started mixing up our unique materials with leather, leatherette, jute, etc to develop products which are of superior quality and can cater to different market segments as well.

You can use our packaging options for:

  • Wine & Liquor Packaging
  • Food Packaging
  • Diwali Gifting
  • Brand Packaging
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Hotel Utilities Packs
  • Menu Cards
  • Tags & much more!

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Please visit DNV Creations at stall # 145 @ Giftex 2016

This year the exhibition will be held from 29th July-1st August 2016, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. To ensure that you catch this year’s corporate gifting season, visit or call us on 022-22075256/57

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